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The A 2 Z of Aamir Khan- Birthday Special

There are certain actors in Bollywood, who has lived a larger than life image in this industry. One of them certainly includes Aamir Khan. This man has worked hard to carve his niche as a Mr. Perfectionist in B Town by accepting challenging roles and playing them with utter perfection and professionalism. He has been always choosy about his films’ selection and leaves no stone unturned to be in the shoes of the characters, which are the basic reason, why he showcases one of the best performances over the Silver Screen. Right from playing the street side tapori to cricket championing villager, a tattooed action hero to a religious ideology questioning alien, he has perfectly played his character the best. Today, when he is turning 50, it would be interesting to explore some of his A 2 Z of this man about onscreen persona as under:

A is for Aal Is Well – 3 Idiots

His movie 3 Idiots has been one of the top grosser of 2010, wherein he played as an exceptionally talented student defying the lacunae of educational system. He has his own way of facing the challenges and one of the best mantra was Aal Is Well, which gives them enough courage to stand against all odd.

B for Be a Man – Dil Chahta Hai

His philosophy of being a man and rejecting the dominance of girls friends in any his friend (Saif)’s life has been fantastic. Remember when he suggests Saif to get rid of his girlfriend by being vociferous? Well, that philosophy is still relevant in today’s context.

C for Captain in Awwal Number

Before appearing in the role of a batsman in Lagaan, this man was shown in his earlier movies called Awwal Number, wherein he played a captain’s innings trashing the arrogance of a senior player by breaking all his records in no time.

D for Dil

Dil starring Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit has been one of the hit movies of nineties. His chemistry with Madhuri simply ignited fire over the silver screen giving every element in the film, which Bollywood is fond of producing.

E for Eight Pack Abs in Ghajini

For playing his character he leaves no stone unturned, similar was the story of a psycho killer who cannot remember anything beyond 15 minutes. For this character, he really worked hard in his gym to build his eight pack abs in Ghajini.

F – Face Off in Mangal Pandey: The Rising  

This man is known to showcase different face avatars over the silver screen. You can find him in a British soldier role, while at times he becomes an innocent and creative school teacher, the very next moment you find him a role of an engineering student and so on. Well, the list doesn’t end here, you can find him even turning a woman for playing an ad character for one of the leading brands in India.

G – Ghetto Man in Rangeela and Ghulam

He has been incredible in his character of a ghetto man. The classic example comes from movies like Rangeela and Ghulam wherein he played a typical Ghetto Tapori man speaking the language of a Ghaati Mumbaiya. Thanks to his passion for playing any character with complete commitment and professionalism.

H for Haila in

Much before Hrithik Roshan was seen using this word Haila, it was used by Aamir Khan in Andaz Apna Apna. In fact, that’s his patent word or in other words a Takiya Kalam for this actor over the silver screen.

I for an Intelligent Cop 

In this movie, he has played an intelligent and smart Cop. The kind of character he has played in this film was simply incredible. He was a No Nonsense ACP, who keeps his nation before any one.

J for Jovial Aamir in Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti has been one of the top movies of 2005, wherein he played the jovial character of a Delhi University Student. He mastered his accent of a Punjabi guy which was more often a Fun-Jabi character, who finds humour in every damn topic.

K – for Khandala in Ghulam

His song Aaati Kya Khandala has been the popular tracks of 1998. In fact, he did his singing debut with this song, which carried the tapori lyrics and sung in the most tapaori way.

L – for Leftist in Nature in Satya Me Jayate

Though he has never declared himself to be an atheist or being a leftist, however, his activism has always been instrumental in our Indian society. His TV show – Satya Me Jayate is a classic example of his nature, which is often found in any leftist activist. His film Rang De Basanti also played its part in accelerating the Jessica Lal murder case in New Delhi. The same candle march was seen after the movie.

M for Mr. Perfectionist

Aamir Khan is known for his perfection and professionalism. He leaves no stone unturned to play any character with utter perfection and tuning up the best with the character.

N for Nikumb in Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par was his directorial debut venture, in which he excelled playing the role of a teacher who really turns the boy around suffering from dyslexia. He was even awarded as the best director in most of the Bollywood award functions, though he never likes to visit any such award function, but he stayed at the top in the nomination list.

O is for Oscar nomination

His production debut movie Lagaan wherein he was also in the lead role was nominated for the Oscars. He went all the way to promote the movie to LA, which helped the film to reach in its final round that eventually was knocked by No Man’s Land.

P for Palpable Khan

His performance in any movie makes his palpable, which means very much obvious dominating everyone one in it through his incredible character play. Through his perseverance and practise, he has reached to the zenith of perfection.

Q for Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

Though this movie is considered to be his debut film, but digging deep, you would realise that the film Yaado Ki Baraat had this man in the role of a child artist. So, technically speaking QSQT was his debut film, which marked the glorious chapter of this man.

R For Rider

Whether it was the friendly bike race in Rang De Basanti with his friend R Madhavan or in the Yash Chopra film – Dhoom 3, he was seen a perfect rider.

S for Super actor of Bollywood

With his incredible acting skills, perfection, professionalism and commitment he has himself a super actor in Bollywood. He never walks over any award function yet he is nominated the most and even wins for different titles.

T for Talented Khan

In the list of all the Khans, when we talk about talent and utter dexterity, Aamir Khan comes at the number one position. He was first man in Bollywood to be covered by Times Magazine for his activism, giving message based movies to B Town and playing his part as a human in Indian society.

U for Urbane Khan

In Dil Chahta Hai, he played the character of a guy from cosmopolitan and typical South Bombay guy. He leads life on Humours edge, he is stylish, clean and urbane guy, who takes no time to take over his father’s business when he is sent out to Australia by his family.

V for Vociferous Man 

He is not just an actor who wants to do films make money get endorsements boost his bank balance and sleep inside his home without paying any heed towards social evils and taboos in the Indian society. He is a man who is known to raise his voice against all the menace and social evils. Satya Me Jayate is one of the platforms, wherein he raised such issues and his voice to the deaf ears of authorities. His sting on doctors seen with malpractices even invited the wrath of doctors and their fraternity group called IMA but he didn’t give up raising his voice.

W for a Winner over Box Office

When it comes to box office, he is the only Khan who rules at the top. His recently released movie PK was able to secure more than 300 crores in the domestic market, which made the film to be the only movie in India to reach out to this figure.

X for X rated Man 

The movie raised eye brows the moment the filmmaker embarked with its first poster wherein he is standing nude with a transistor to hide his private parts. The X rated poster invited loads of irk in the society.

Y for Yellow Man in Rangeela

In Rangeela, he played the character of the man who was seen trying out an entire yellow dress over himself taking his girl friend to a Five Star sizzlingel. You can really enjoy the hilarious interview with this man.

Z for Zoobi Doobi

This is a song of 3 Idiots starring Aamir Khan wherein he is seen flying and taking roller coaster ride with Kareena Kapoor. This showcases his love, which he develops for the lady doctor.

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