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Paisa Ho Paisa

Paisa Ho PaisaPaisa Ho Paisa Movie 2015

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 03 April, 2015
Cast: Dhruv Bhandari, Madalasa Sharma, Kanishka Soni
Director: Muktha Sunder
Producer: Vishwanathan
Music Director/s: K. S Manoj, GD Prasad

Paisa Ho Paisa is a Bollywood drama that has been directed by Muktha Sundar. The leading cast of the movie is Dhruv Bhandari, Kanishka Soni, Madalas Shad, Anonty, Vivek and others. The release date is 13th March, 2015.

The movie is about Ashwin, who is an engineering student meeting Bhoomika, a beautiful girl, within the college campus. After several interesting and playful encounters, both tend to fall in love. The boy is said to hail from low middle class family, thinking about making huge money quickly. Bhoomika stumbles on something that is big and consults him and his friends. Together they make it big and get rich by making use of invisible chemical, which when sprayed on any object or person would become invisible. But they get chased by cops and are forced to run. A wild goose chase then starts with comic cops, buffoonery and ruthless gangsters, bungling CBI officer and all types of pranks being played by hero and friends. The chase along with the laugh riot tends to carry on to Sani Singhnapur right from Pondicherry to cross four state borders, but with various comic situations.

The movie’s climax is said to have been shot completely within Shani Singhapur temple. Apart from this, the movie has been shot in various exotic locations of Goa, Karwar, Mercara, Ahmednagar, Pune, Panchagani and Mahabaleshwar. The running time of this movie is about 1 hour and 45 minutes and has 4 songs in total. Computer graphics that is close to about thirty minutes has been done in this movie. It is rather a romantic comedy that has been imbibed with funny and thrilling joy coaster ride.

The direction, screenplay, story and dialogues have been done by Muktha Sunder. The trailer that has been released has been well liked by the Hindi movie going audience.

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