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Happy Birthday Aamir Khan, the PK actor turns 50

Aamir-Khan birthday

It’s a big day of Aamir Khan as he will be celebrating his special day when he turns 50 today. So, at the very outset, we at CineTalkers, wish him a very happy and prosperous birthday. Though he is not fond of celebrating his special days, however, at this juncture when he is turning 50, his wife has planned something special for his big day. As per reports, his wife has booked special villa at the outskirts of Bombay wherein a hordes of celebrities guests are expected to join them for the big bash.

His celebration started yesterday only, when he called the media people to celebrate his day in advance with them as he will be unavailable the next day in Mumbai. He therefore invited the press members to his Bandra apartment at the basement to have good time with them. The people from the media fraternity greeted him and wished him a very happy and prosperous day in advance. Again a warm wishes to Aamir Khan.  Aamir was seen saying that his son is merely interested in eating the cake, while he hardly knows anything about the special plans being managed by his wife.

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