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Telly Stars and their desire promises! This Propose Day 2016

Telly Stars

Promises in love are not said but can be feel in our hearts. Promises are part of love life. Trusting and giving value to those special  promises. So true promises are really special if not broken. Lets see what our telly stars ask as promises from their or to be better half.

NEETI TAYLOR: I want him to promise me that he will love me everyday more, even if it’s stormy he will be right there. And not get scared and leave me.

ADAA KHAN: Promises are meant to be broken so I dont believe in them. But yes your actions should say it all and make your love one really very special.

TINA DATTA: I expect my partner to promise me to be loyal and caring forever. He should understand my feelings and emotions totally. He should know what my silence and words mean.

RUBINA DILAIK: Valentine week brings so many special days. As for promise day I dont wish to give or take promises but yes we believe in making efforts towards our love.

MRUNAL JAIN: I want promise of trust. I want my partner to trust me always. Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Relationship without trust is like food without salt.

ANKIT GERA: I want my partner to be honest and loyal. Loyalty and understanding of feelings is a must for me. I am very sentimental though I may not express it and I expect her to understand my emotions.

SSHARAD MALHOTRA: I want my partner to promise to be accommodating enough to give me space and understand my silence and words both. I also want no lies and absolute honesty and transparency.

SHIVIN NARANG: I want my partner to promise to be honest, loyal, expressive and cheerful. I like to be transparent and vice versa. Dishonesty or lies wont be acceptable at all.

MAHIKA SHARMA: Promise to have no ego only intentions to love me. Caring and respecting me and my close one. Taking me and our love seriously. And ya to remember having silly fights with me and making me happy again and again

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