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Fitoor Movie Review

Fitoor Movie Review

Intense Performances Complex Love Story Makes the Film Magnum Opus for the Filmmaker

This Valentine week, you have two movies releasing the same day, which certain include the romantic drama Fitoor. The film is based on the popular novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, which has Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif and Tabu in the pivotal roles. Besides, you have Aditi Rao Hydari, Rahut Bhat, Akshay Oberoi and Lara Dutta in the supporting roles. The film is directed Abhishek Kapoor, while produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur under the banner of UTV Motion Pictures. The music comes from Amit Trivedi, while the story is jotted down by Kapoor and Supratik Sen. Now, let’s dig in deep in this love story releasing this Valentine’s Day 2016 as under:


The story is based in Kashmir wherein Noor played by Aditya R Kapur and his muse called Firdaus played by Katrina Kaif are childhood buddies. They belong to two different classes, with former at the bottom and the latter from the elite class. However, Begum Hazrat played by Tabu is not keen on their alliance considering the fact she is suffering from broken heart in her past and thus opts a life as per her own vengeance via her daughter. On the other side, Noor decides to enter in the life of Firdaus with great passion termed as Fitoor and heads to Delhi to soon become a world class painter. He returns with his passion for Firdaus and usual has to face the hurdles amidst the political turmoil of Kashmir in the background. So, what happens next, is Begum is successful to separate the two or the passion for love of Noor finds some way, check this out in your nearest screen.


Kashmir is a veteran character in itself in this movie, however, this time it has a different shade, which we often failed to catch in the previous films. The Kashmir of the director Abhishek Kapoor is very much cold very much similar to the vibes being exchanged between the characters of the film. However, the only contrast you can find is the autumn love of Noor and Firdaus. Let’s not forget the chiseled body of Aditya Roy Kapur in the film, which is perfectly shaped to get some straight to the screenplay. Rather using a bulky look lover a person with well-designed physique seems to be adding a good depth in his character. His eyes have ignited loads of desire and then hollow pits as well apart from the intriguing elements in the character.

The flaming red hair and eyes adds an edge to the drama quotient of the movie. As Kat is playing FIrdaus who is the muse of Noor, her hair is only seen completing the fact that she can compel an artist to capture her painting over the canvas. Tabu in her character of Begum fits fine and is perfect in showcasing the aura and persona of the royal lady with amazing dialogue delivery style. Now talking about Aditya, he has proved once again that he can be a good actor rather than being an alcoholic unlike his previous movies. The sizzling chemistry he has and the number of lip-lock sessions found in the film really complements the passion he has for the character that was vividly seen on the silver screen.

Direction, Music, Screenplay, Editing and other elements

You find the dominance of white in the film considering the backdrop of Kashmir, however, considering the fact that this is a love story a colorful one would helped him to get an edge over the film. Nevertheless, this may not be called flaw in direction yet certain colors were seen missing yet can be managed by the audience in a big way. Music is soothing and so are the songs composed especially the one with central theme of the film, which seems to have very well sung amidst the melody of the movie. Screenplay, editing and other technical elements went good as they helped in complementing the filmmaking techniques at the background and don’t forget the picturesque locations added in the film, which really added an edge to the film.

FItoor Last Word

Fitoor has a different Kashmir wherein you have a typical poor boy love and passion for a girl of an affluent family. The love story has all the elements, which any love story would ever demand specially when it is releasing amidst Valentine’s week, yet adding the so called politics angle of this state has ruined the real spirit of the melodious love story. Keeping it aside from the complex political situations of Kashmir would had been a wise attempt by the author but thanks to the spice every Indian filmmaker wants to add in his or her film, things had gone this way. Overall, the movie is cool and interesting to catch over the silver screen.

Rating – 4.0

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