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I am Ambitious, grounded, hardworking and crazy as hell, tells Nora Fatehi


The petite Nora Fatehi is one pretty lady. After her Big Boss stint, she was in the news more for her dicey relationship with BB winner Prince Narula, though the lady has denied it all. She managed to woo the audiences with her crisp belly dancing moves. While in a candid conversation, she elaborated on her upcoming projects, her stay in India and also on her plans for Valentine’s day

Tell us a little about yourself on your journey so far coming to India?

I am a very ambitious girl. India happen to me by chance. Its in my destiny. As soon as I landed here it only took me 4 months to know exactly why I was here and what had destined to do here. And as soon as I figured it out I got my things sorted like a language teacher, going for the right auditions, putting all my energies only in work etc. I want to make a mark and make everyone proud.Your short span in the Big Boss house got you a lot of appreciation.

What do you have to say about it?

Im glad. I knew I was only going to stay for max 4 weeks before I went in so it was clear. I just wanted to make sure I leave a mark in those 4 weeks. I believe that in our industry  over exposure tends to create problems for artists, so fortunately I have been exposed but not over exposed .. People from all age groups have said such great things to me whenever they have approached me.  As a person, my quirky crazy, loving and physically strong side have all been showcased properly and that is who I am.

What do we see you doing next from here?

Well hopefully more work. I’ve got a few things releasing this year, including a big song from the film Rocky Handsome and a feature film as the main lead opposite to. Sanjay Suri called My Birthday Song. And Yes!there is one more reality show.

Do we see you doing more films now?
Yes you will see me doing films ..slowly but surely. I will not restrict  my self . I want to do films and TV, both mediums are amazing to reach to the audience and express your art form and if both are available then why not exploit them. You will see me in both, small and big screen. There is nothing better then getting best of both worlds.

Don’t you miss your family here? Are you going to see them anytime soon?

Yes I miss them dearly always. But its  a part  of life. When you become an adult you need to spread your wings and find yourself. In this day in age, country borders  don’t matter its so easy to travel around the world, we have become global citizens so most people are far from their families trying to live their dreams. However whenever I get the time I make sure I travel to see them. Thank god for skype.

What are  your Valentine’s day plans?

I have just done a performance for Star Plus Valentines Special with the amazing Sanam from dare to dance. We have done two dance acts and it will be aired on the 14th of Feb at 8pm.

Are you in touch with the Big Boss housemates?

Not as much as i would like to because we have all been very busy. I have been extremely busy and I invest all my time in my work. But I have been on and off in touch  with Suyyash, Rishab, Kishwer, Vikas and Prince.

Nora Fatehi in one line is?
Ambitious, grounded, hardworking and crazy as hell.

Way to go Nora

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