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Telangana Cinema Halls to Close for 10 Days

The beginning of 2024 brought much excitement for movie buffs with a lineup of films for the Sankranthi season. However, apart from HanuMan and Tillu Square, most theaters didn’t see much profit from these movies. The past few months have been challenging for the Tollywood movie industry due to a lack of big-budget films featuring popular actors. Additionally, the IPL cricket matches and general elections diverted attention, leaving smaller films with little visibility. As a result, several single-screen theaters in Telangana have made the difficult decision to temporarily close in order to minimize losses. They will shut their doors for ten days, starting from May 17th, and may consider reopening in June when the situation improves.
Even the re-releases of old films featuring renowned Tollywood actors couldn’t generate enough revenue to cover expenses. However, movie enthusiasts are hopeful that things will improve with the release of upcoming big-budget movies such as Prabhas’ Kalki2898AD and Allu Arjun’s Pushpa The Rule, among others. The struggles faced by theaters due to a lack of films have caught the attention of industry observers. Theater owners are in need of support to sustain their operations. The Telangana State Single Theater Association has not yet made an official statement regarding the temporary closures. Looking ahead, there are several movie releases scheduled for May 25th, including “Love Me,” “Gangs of Godavari,” “Harom Hara,” and “Satyabhama.”
The summer season is typically a favorable period for theaters to generate profits. However, the holiday season witnessed a limited number of big movies, and those that were released didn’t perform well financially. As a result, it remains to be seen how the films hitting the screens in the last week of May will fare. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us and if you have anything to share you can comment below. 

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