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Tamanchey Movie Review : It is wild and wacky, yet to some extent enjoyable

Tamanchey review

One of the movies releasing this Friday is Tamanchey, which was supposed to hit earlier, but kept on pushing its date forward for no good reason. Finally, with lots of hue and cry and of course the delay it is releasing this 10th December 2014. The movie is directed by Navneet Behal and produced by Suryaveer Singh Bhullar. The actors in the lead role include Nikhil Dwivedi, Richa Chadda, Damandeep Singh, etc. The movie is produced under the banner of Fashion tv Films, which is an associate company of – A Wild Elephant Motions Pictures, while the music comes from slew of people together. The movie falls under crime romantic category.

Let us check the plot of the movie. Well, it is based on the same old story of the real time underworld lover birds – Abu Salem and Monica Bedi. You will find in Tamanchey two criminals coming together by the virtue of fortune and then are made to stick to each other for around a week’s time. During these seven days, you see the love blossoming among the two and rest becomes history as the two are seen fighting as underworld mafia with police and even the rival groups in this world of baddies. However, amidst their struggle and fight for liberty, money and power, will they survive or remain behind the bars (unlike seen in the real case) for their rest of their lives would be interesting to catch in Tamanchey.

Let us dig a bit deeper in the movie. Well, in Tamanchey you would find Nikhil Dwivedi in the lead role of Munna who seems very much underrated man depicting several amounts of contradictory emotions, while Richa Chadha acts like any dropout student from a high profile school. At one end, you have a typical Bihari character called Munna while on the other end you have a Lady Gaga seen masquerading over the borderline sociopath at the Delhi-Haryana areas. Her makeup remains often flawless, who thus turn out to be an icon for people based in the crime world. Though the two appear to be the modern version of Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway couple, yet differ in one way. Munna is seen carrying his heart in his filthy sleeves, while Babu flaunts her cleXvage too often and uses the same to enjoy any luxury of life as and when she feels.

Now let’s talk about the performances. Well, Nikhil has given his heartbreaking performance while playing the character of Munna. He is an actor who has time and again proved his worthiness in the Tinsel Town, be it -Shor in the City or Hate Story of 2012. Ironically, he was not applauded with good number of awards and rewards; let us really hope to see the appreciation falling on his feet this time with Tamanchey. Richa in her character of Babu too was excellent, however, with the sharp dialogues often seen without any support via the screenplay seemed a big disaster along with a nicely staged climactic shootout. You can simply find some sharply written lines by Shailesh Pratap Singh, especially the ones coming from the mouth of Nikhil’s character. The script though seemed to be similar to the infamous Abu Salem and Monica Bedi, however, the director has added a number of spice elements in it so as to attract the audience to the theatre. You have the loads of action, sensual attractions of the lady Gaga with a cleXvage called Richa Chadda. The locations used in the movie are all based from the Northern parts of India. The music and other elements are just above the average line, yet promise all the masala one can aspire from any typical action romantic movie in Bollywood.

Last Word Tamanchey Review :

Tamanchey simply showcases the nozzle of the gun wherein crime doesn’t seem to pay at the end. However, with this movie the filmmakers behind it were able to explore the grey areas of the underworld without actually worrying about the moral grounds or reality. You can therefore call it as wild and wacky movie, which can be still called as an enjoyable stuff wherein the mismatched criminals are seen coming together turning out to be a perfect entertainer package. As far as catching the movie for performance is concerned, Nikhil Dwivedi has been awesome in this movie, while Richa too was brilliant unlike her previous roles like the one played in Gangs of Wasseypur. Or even if you want to enjoy a typical Masala movie this Friday then Tamanchey can be the best bet or else you have other options as well to catch with.

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