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Salman is in trouble again in the infamous hit and run case

For the Kick actor- Salman Khan, the trouble continue to hover him all these days. The latest comes from the infamous hit and run case. As per the latest reports, the witness has testified against Dabang Khan stating that he say him while ramming the car over the pavements at Bandra in Mumbai killing one and injuring the remaining four people over it.

With this recent development in the hit and run case, the trouble for the Kick actor will magnify to a greater extent. As you know, the month of July this year, in this case, all his vital documents and original statements from the actor was on hold as the witness was seen missing. However, with the recovery of these documents and witness, the case is back into action.

Earlier, the bar manager based in Juhu too had identified the Kick actor in Bombay High Court stating that Salman had come to his restaurant with his friends at the said night in 2002 when the said accident was committed, however, he was unsure about the actor has drunk or not. However, with this latest witness testifying the actor, it would be really interesting to see how the case would move ahead. In the case is proved in the court, Salman have to go behind the bars for at least ten years under the charges of culpable homicide.

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