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Sunny Leone is still an adult star

Sunny leone still an adult star

It’s been several years to see Sunny Leone making her presence felt in Bollywood. Doing a number of movies and certain item numbers have simply brought her far from being a porn star to a Bollywood actress. She seems to be in the tenure of turning a heroine unlike others in the B Town, however, with filmmakers often approaching her to do item numbers and sensual roles, the stigma of being an adult star still seems to haunt her. The fact of the matter is even there are couple of endorsements of Sunny, which deals with sex stuff, be it condom or the American website, which sells out erotic sex products.

However, Sunny has been denying her association with this site forgets about being the brand ambassador of the same. Even her husband- Daniel Weber was seen saying the same. The site called imbeshram.com has its own story when its COO is seen presenting his own version. He said, he has signed a contract with Sunny having a number of her videos, pictures, etc, worth 100,000 dollars. Now, she is in a denial mode as she is now interested in cleaning up her image in Bollywood.

Its quite inevitable to see her changing her image, however, considering the fact that she had such past, which has been instrumental in calling people from Bollywood to do certain roles cannot be denied. In fact it was the curiosity of people that surrounds the world of porn from which she comes has made her entry in to popular TV shows like Big Boss. Similarly, it was the tag of hot and sensuality only, which gave her the role in movies like Jism 2 and Ragini MMS 2, so calling it as a non adult movie would be a fallacious claim by the former porn star. The more she would run away from this tag the more she is going to face the same.  So, it seems that the sex term has lots of things to do with this new hot heroine in B town, which will go on a longer run.

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