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Pizza 3D Movie Review

pizza-in-3D review

Pizza 3d is releasing today in the major screens all across India. It is among the supernatural thrillers, which is directed and written by debutant called Akshay Akkkineni. The story is a remake of a Tamil hit having the same title, which was released way back in 2012 directed by Karthik Subbaraj. The lead characters are played by Akshay Oberoi, Dipannita Sharma and Parvathy Omanakuttan, while the others include Arunoday Singh, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Rajesh Sharma, Sonali Sachdeve, etc. are seen in the supporting role. The movie deals with superstitious and fears associated with it, which even was witnessed while making the movie when the director itself went too superstitious while filming it with bans on 13th date shooting schedule.

Checking the plot of the movie, the story revolves round the Pizza boy played by Akshay Oberoi who is seen getting struck in the haunted house wherein he has to deliver the pizza. The storyline of Pizza is simply about the boy facing the fear, dodged by the fear and monster inside the house and his struggle to get away in a right condition. On the contrary, you can see Akshay married to the lady is seen struggling with low income. Amidst their misery they find things difficult when the lady in the movie turns pregnant. Now they want to have the baby but fail to have the money to get things going.

Your idea of horror is simply a girl walking in the dark, with so many cobwebs around, while you find an eerie kind of background around and hear strange music powered enough to give that fear psychosis. Well, all these elements you can find in this movie, which make nothing really interesting for the audience to watch. Perhaps the makers of the movie are seen committing a blunder by promoting this movie as a horror one, while it should have been gone in the path of suspense mystery to crack the deal and do impress things in a right way to the audience. Nevertheless, with this impression could have been something different and wild for the movie.

As you sit in the movie to watch it, the very first minute or even the first half has no impressive elements to hold you for a long. Perhaps, you could have a number of loo breaks while watching the first half. In fact, all you find here is replica of previous horror movies, which makes a wired kind of amalgamation in it. Yet at times you can enjoy while even experience the chill running down your spine as well. The music in the movie sounds good, while people like Mikey McCleary, Saurabh Kalsi and Shamir Tandon have really embarked with a right job. At the same time, the background score too from by K aka Krishna Kumar is seen very much fabulous. Well talking about the 3D effects, you can really find the same incredible; it is really seen multiplying the horror effects found in the movie.

As you enter in the second half, you can find Pizza getting boners in this segment as you can find no sense added in it. Thus you can see something happening in a wavered way without any sense or flow. And you finally reach out the climax, it is really difficult to make out how things went ahead compelling you to stand at the edge laughing in a perplexed manner as to what happened and how things really went ahead. Perhaps even the layman would come out something tangible while presenting any similar story before the audience of course by adding the right sense in the movie. Well, should you really want the movie is an important question here? Well, if horror movies scare you then you can think of going, while for people who wants to check the logical and rational part in the movie, please avoid watching it as you have other options this week.

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