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Top 10 lesser facts about Priyanka Chopra

Facts about Priyanka Chopra

For Priyanka, it her birthday but at the moment she is busy shooting with Zoya Akhtar in Turkey. No time for her Birthday Bash. However, for the B Town, it’s a big day for everyone greeting her on this special day. In her absence in B Town, it would be fair to check some of her lesser known facts, which you being her fan would like to know. Being established as a versatile actor, she has come a long way getting national award for Fashion and doing critical ones seen in Barfi and her upcoming movie made on the lady boxer Mary Kom. So, without wasting anytime, let’s check her top 10 lesser facts about PC as under:

1). Born in Jamshedpur brought in several places

PC was born in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand; however, she has lived in different parts of the world though she calls Bareilly her real home. Both her parents were physicians in Indian Army, which gave several transfers to the couple leading her to different places. Recently, she lost her father as he passed away at the age of 64, while a road in Andheri has been named on her father calling it as Lt Col Ashok Chopra Marg.

2). PC wanted to be software engineer or Criminal Psychologist

Having no film background, it is often inevitable to see people aspiring to be conventional career. Unlike many, she also aspired to be a Software Engineer or a Criminal Psychologist; however, destiny had something else in its mind, which finally made enter the glamour world.

3). Bollywood was not her first destination to get films

The former miss world of 2008, didn’t get a Hindi film from Bollywood, rather she was first seen in a Tamil movie called Thamizhanin. Interestingly, she was supposed to appear in Abbas Mastan movie called Humraz in 2002; however, later she was replaced by Ameesha Patel giving PC a late entry. She had issues with dates, which led the director replace the lady. Finally, she was seen debuting in the Bollywood movie called Hero Love Story wherein he played the character of a spy appearing in a cameo role.

4). Hospitalized for landing on a live wire

If you remember the song called Do Me A Favor, which was seen in the film called Waqt with Akshay Kumar in 2005, she had stepped over the live wire giving her the shock. In fact, following this incident she was hospitalized for a day and soon recovered to complete the song and the movie. In 2005, she denied the lead role of Umrao Jaan to do Bluffmaster and similarly, she had to opt out for London Dreams owing to shooting data conflicts since she was too tied up with other movies.

5). Daddy’s little girl

She was known to be Daddy’s favorite girl, who even had one tattoo saying Daddy’s Little Girl, being written in her father’s own handwriting. Her father, Dr Ashok Chopra had to leave this mortal world at the age of 64 after a prolonged fight with the menace called Cancer.

6). Only Indian to be selected in National Opus Honor Choir

PC is blessed with versatile talents and her diverse roles in Bollywood movies bear testimony to this fact. She has won National Award for her movie Fashion, along with Filmfare and other high profile awards at different platforms. One privilege, which discriminate her from other Bollywood stars, is that she is the only Indian to be selected for National Opus Honor Choir at the state level for carrying out extensive kind of charity work in USA and India. She was seen joining literary programs from CAF and CII and happens to be their brand ambassador as well.

7). PC is crazy for cars

PC is known to have love for cars and she owns a BMW 7-Series, Mercedes S-Class and Porsche Cayenne. She loves to drive and go on long drives if she is free, while most of her free time goes for charity work, which has even given a good recognition to this B Town actor.

8). Rare Feat

She is fondly called with different names right from Pee Cee to Piggy Chopps, Mimi and Sunshine (both are her pet name at home), etc. However, one more thing, makes her different from others is that she is the only Indian star to have her foot impression in Salvatore Ferragamo museum based in Italy wherein you can have similar impressions from people like Marliyn Monroe, Drew Barrymore and Audrey Hepburn.

9). PC lent her voice for Hollywood flick – Disney’s Planes

Many would know that the Barfi actress had worked with Pibull the acclaimed rapper and popular artists in the world, however, only a few would know that she even lent her voice for one Hollywood flick known as Disney’s Planes wherein she had the character name Ishani.

10). First actress to play 12 roles in a single movie

You remember the movie, What’s Your Rashee? Well yes the same movie by Ashutosh Gowariker which gutted down ruthlessly over the Box office. However, the same movie had PC playing 12 different characters. In fact, she is the only one who is known play these roles for which she was even considered to be included in Guinness World Record Book.

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