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SRK Starrer film – Pathaan Going great guns at the box office

In the UK, we have seen two films dominating at the box office. At one we find the film `Avatar: The Way of Water` of  Jamer Cameron’s film seemed to be going smoothly at the box office. The film has brought GBP 2.1 M in its total GDP of around 70.6 M in the country. The next film in the line is Pathaan which seemed to have collected so far of around 1.9 M GBP thus emerging as the second biggest grosser in the world. Now, if we look at the SRK film it was released in 223 locations in the country and the business seems to be going great guns at the box office. 

As per report, the film has collected around 1.9 M that can help in gaining around GBP 3,19,000, which is a record in itself as no other film has crossed this mark in one day. The film went on to break its own record for the coming two days by gaining GBP 3,45,000 on Friday and GBP 5,56,000 on Saturday, which makes it a big gainer in the market. The other film that did well was the Salman Khan film Sultan released in 2016 and it did collect around GBP 2,71,000 in 2016.

Talking about SRK’s film and the history it did make in the country, it has emerged as the second Indian film that emerged as a big player. The other film was RRR that earned around  GBP 6,50,204 in 2022 and earned GBP 9,74,990 by the end. Thus in this way, we can see the film gaining huge in the market and then going smoothly. Another B Town film was Dhoom 3 that went on to score around 2.7 M at the box office in 2013, which further made it among the highest earning films of all time.

Ziya Khan


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