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Gaurav Shah’s Sheer Brilliance In Cinematography Applauded At Global Cinematic Platform

There are many Indians who are making the country proud in the foreign nations, be it politics, sports or any other field but nowadays one name which is making headlines is Gaurav Shah and he is making the Indian flag fly high in the field of creativity. Gaurav Shah has proved his sheer brilliance in cinematography by rendering beautiful work in quite a few transnational feature films, web series & music videos and the boy from Hyderabad is working with the likes of Grammy winner Hamid Saiedi, Ty Dolla Sign, Timmy Trumpet, Berry Gordy, Steve Aoki, Jake Paul, Pink Floyd and many others.

Currently based in Los Angeles, the Indian Director of Photography, Gaurav Shah has been garnering a lot of praise for his work in many universal films and series belonging to various genres, in which he was the 1st Assistant Cameraperson. The professional cameraperson has recently completed the shooting of a 10-episode TV Show for Cpics, 2 upcoming movies for Hulu and an independent production house.

Gaurav Shah has certainly revolutionized the world of cinematography with the help of his camera angles as his classy, edgy and superb work in the foreign art has given layers not just to the motion pictures but the characters as well.

Though Gaurav Shah was born in Madhya Pradesh, he was brought up in Hyderabad and it won’t be wrong to say that his journey from Hyderabad to Los Angeles has been no less than a roller coaster ride. There was a time when Gaurav aspired to become a national level sportsman in Roller Hockey, a sport in which he represented Andhra Pradesh at the national level and then he also made people go gaga over his performance in Live Show Club in his college. After completing his course of bachelor’s in arts (Mass Communication and Journalism), Gaurav Shah joined an event company, 9th Element Entertainment as a PR Intern but with his hard work and creative vision, he soon got promoted to the post of Production Manager and started handling top assignments which included the live shows of Bollywood and Tollywood singers.

Gaurav Shah stated in an interview that there was something creative inside him that was constantly pushing him and to enhance his skills in Media studies and production, he moved to the USA for pursuing further studies. There he was lucky enough to get an opportunity to work on a live news station on two Mid-Atlantic award shows (Inside the Nest and Owl Sports Update). He also produced a TV pilot and shot a documentary for the popular Humble Genius production house. This was when he realized that cinematography is where his interest and passion lie and then he attained a master’s degree in Filmmaking and TV production from DePaul University with specialization in cinematography.

Since then, Gaurav Shah hasn’t looked back and has been a part of many good projects which include commercials, TV shows, music videos, documentaries, etc. but the bigger moment came when his short movie “Same Love” got nominated in the prestigious Chicago South Asian Film Festival. The flick which was written, produced and cinematographed by Gaurav was about the identity struggle and other problems faced by an LGBTQ South-Asian teenager.

Gaurav Shah has won many accolades for his brilliant work including the best TV Pilot/Web series at the California Indies Film Festival 2022. His music video, “Cry for Killed in the war” was not only officially selected at the 8 & Half Film Awards & Stanley Film Awards but it also got an honorable mention at the London Movie Awards and Milan Gold Awards.

His short movie, “Dead Man’s Hand” was also selected at the Lovesick Film Festival and the manner in which Gaurav Shah has been progressing, it seems that soon he will be named as one of the best cinematographers of the world. Visit more details @Instagram

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