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OMG: Comedian Sidharth Sagar Quits The Kapil Sharma Show, Check why

Sidharth Sagar, an Indian comedian, writer, and actor, recently quit the popular TV show “The Kapil Sharma Show”. This news came as a shock to many fans who loved Sidharth’s character “Selfie Mausi” on the show. The reason for his departure has been the subject of much speculation and rumors.

The official reason given by Sidharth for quitting the show was his mental health. He stated that he has been battling depression and anxiety for a long time and the pressure of the show was taking a toll on him. He also said that he needed to focus on his health and well-being, and the best way to do that was to step away from the show.

Another reason cited for Sidharth’s departure was creative differences with the show’s producers. Sidharth reportedly wanted more creative control over his character and the scripts, but the producers were not willing to accommodate his requests. This led to a lot of tension and conflicts between the two parties.

Sidharth’s departure from the show also highlights the issue of mental health in the entertainment industry. The pressure to constantly perform and deliver can take a toll on an artist’s mental and emotional well-being. This issue needs to be addressed and addressed seriously, as many artists struggle with depression and anxiety in silence.

In conclusion, Sidharth Sagar’s departure from “The Kapil Sharma Show” was a combination of several factors, including his mental health, creative differences, and the pressure of the entertainment industry. It’s important to acknowledge the impact of these factors and prioritize the well-being of artists in the industry. Fans are hoping that Sidharth will return to the show once he has taken the time to focus on his health and well-being. Stay tuned to know more about the TV show and others only with us.

Ziya Khan


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