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Spotted – Kat and Ranbir at their new House

ranbir-katrina in their new house

Though they were seen living with a denial mode accepting their relationship and then moving together in a new home at Cartar Road but were finally spotted together in their new nest together. As per the latest buzz, the rumor of coming together in the new home in the form of Penthouse at Bandra based in a plush apartment called Silver Sand. They have shared this picture over the social media site, which was exclusively seen in Kat’s Fan Club found in Twitter.

If you check the picture, you would find Ranbir and Kat in the same house though the image are clubbed with two different pictures. Looking keenly, you can find out it is the same building wherein they have their home. Now, its clear that Kat and Ranbir are at the same place and all set to take a plunge inside the home for their living relationship. His claims that he is shifting for some renovation at his place seems to be hollow now, as there isn’t anything at his ancestral home.

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