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Ranbir Kapoor is mum on moving in with Katrina

You must have checked the pictures of the new love nest of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif wherein they are heading to go a living relationship at Cartar Road in Bandra. However, according to the Rockstar actor, he is moving out to stay for a while only because his ancestral cottage is witnessing certain renovations and construction work and just he is keen to live with his girlfriend. The Kapoor lad who is rumoured to go out and stay with this old time girl friend Katrina Kaif has finally found a new place to stay together in living relationship.

However, the actor is not ready to accept the fact the he is keen to do so only to start his living relationship with his girl friend. He was seen speaking the same during the launch of a new ad campaign of a top watch brand. The news about the two coming together has been in the news since long, however, the two actors have maintained their silence on this issue and thus allow people to guess about the same. The two were heard in relationship since they were seen in Spain having holiday together.

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