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Spark Movie review

Spark Movie Review

In a slew of movies released this Friday, Spark is one of them. It is directed by VK Sing, and produced by Rekha Yadav and Naresh Gupta, while the story comes from VK Singh and music is from Lalit Pandit, Monty Sharma & Nitz ‘N’ Sony. The main leads in Spark include Rajniesh Duggall, Subhashree Ganguly, Daisy Shah, Govind Namdeo and Ashutosh Rana. The movie falls under the category of action genre. The choreography comes from Ganesh Acharya, while the action is taken care by Abbas Ali Mogul, besides; the story comes from the director only VK Singh.  Well, let’s dig deep into the movie, and find out what goes inside it.

First things first, let us check the plot of the movie. Well, it deals about a local Indian boy called Arjun played by Rajneesh Duggal who falls in love with a girl called Anupama played by Shubhashree Ganguly, when he is there in Germany for his studies. However, the twist comes in the movie, when he is being brought back to India by the masterminds of deceit (Ashutosh Rana and Govind Namdeo). He is then found in between his family feud and comes under impression that he is the man who can take things into his control to fix it, however, he is basically trapped and then baffled by the perpetrators. Amidst this trap, whether he is able to come out from this menacing cobweb and gets back his love is really interesting to catch in the movie. He has two targets to uncover the truth behind the enmity and hatred and secondly get his true love.

The story involves too much movement from Germany to India, back to Germany then to India a number of times, which gives us an impression that you get the tickets and visas at any Pan Shop. Secondly, the script simply lacks consistency along with having too many subplots and characters as well, which is very much perplexing to anyone watching the movie. At times, you would also experience too many double standards encompassing loads of sexism, which would remind you the saas bahu soap from the infamous Ekta Kapoor. Now, let us talk about the performances of our lead characters. The lead roles by Rajniesh Duggall and Subhashree Ganguly were average and at most of the time even went below average, raising questions about their credibility. Rajniesh was better than Subhashree to some extent, while the actress was horrible when it turned down to the dance and songs.

However, the only saviour was the senior seen in the film, which only include Ashutosh Rana since the others in the row like Rati Agnihotri and Govind Namdeo didn’t take the role seriously and were seen performing ordinarily despite the fact that they are good actors. Talking about the editing, it was horrendous, the scenes kept on coming in a random order with shabby screens, which at times do not make sense at all. The dance and the songs were horrible, and so was director and music. In other words, the movie Spark lacks all the fire and vigour in it, which even compelled many to ignore the movie for review as well.

Last word Spark Review

The movie Spark encompassed a number of things that goes against the sluggish pace, insignificant characters, convoluted kind of story, petty plot twists, absurd songs and over the top some indigestible kind of stunts.   The movie is seen pitted with identity crisis itself, which starts as a crime thriller then shifts to romance and finally it turns out to become politics and muscle power misuse movie. At the end you find the lad taking the revenge of his family’s death. Frankly, not many would have that level of patience to sit back long to watch this dreary movie. indeed, the title of the movie is very much misleading.

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