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Disastrous opening of Spark and Jigariyaa at box office

10th October 2014 is a mid and low budget movies day as all the movies releasing this Friday didn’t witness big budget movies. Though Ekees Topo Ki Salami and Tamanchey can be called as a mid budget movies, but the other two – Spark and Jigariyaa falls under the low budget movies produced by novices in the B Town. This is similar to the movie- Lastbenchers released on 29th August 2014 directed by Prajakt Rebeloma and produced by Moreshwar Meshram. Both Jigariyaa and Spark movie falls under the same category since they are being rated as low by the critics and audience.

Moreover, if we compare the duo with Lastbenchers, you can certainly find the latter better in many ways. Spark is misleading and full of deceit, which suffers identity crisis, similarly, Jigariyaa is also pitted with average performances of a conventional love story tried to make in a different way. In a sense Jigariyaa is an abstract love story with poor performances, which seems to have died down its own death. Thanks to the poor script, dull direction, weird editing, lowly songs and average performances. On the other side, you have another similar category (low budget) movie Lastbenchers produced and directed by unknown people from Central India.

The movie had a different script, newbie really working hard to prove their worth, okay editing, cool songs, above average performances in terms of acting, dance and other elements. The movie though suffered from getting good number of screens, but despite having limited screens did well over the box office collection. The fact is people were really thrilled to watch a movie being produced by novices, with good filmmaking skills if not highly competent or better unlike the other conventional movies coming from bigger brands. The movies also got the bookings from BookmyShow and other online ticket booking portals, which is not the case with Spark and Jigariyaa.

Lastbenchers still plans to enter deep inside different states and rural areas in a longer run, which is not the case with Spark and Jigariyaa as they do not have such strategies, which would further going to make the movie fall even before the posters are being brought down of these. In other words, the flop or hit tag is not given to branded movies alone but can be given to movies like Lastbenchers who despite the limited resources and low star value dare to fight with the so-called high value movies like Spark and Jigariyaa.

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