Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Rekha Glamming Diva to Endorse ‘Super Nani’ on Big Boss8

Rekha on bigg boss

Well who doesn’t want a single glance of the legendary celeb none other than ‘Rekha, a stunning Bollywood star who’d once created a boom in the entire Bollywood industry, and the fact is, the fans are still crazy for just one watch of her movie, but hold on guys there’s something spicy cum interesting for you’ll, as the title depicts the glamming diva is planning to take inmates of Bigg Boss 8 by surprise for what? Of course for endorsing her upcoming movie ‘Super Nani, it seems like the Rekha is moving around for her promotional tour for her upcoming movie, as she’s recently seen on the set of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil as well, but didn’t you noticed something interesting in this? Seriously not??,,, So, let’s check out this.

Though her presence on the set is just for her movie but on the other hand the episode with the Rekha and dashing star, the host ‘Salman Khan will be one of the historical moments where they’ll be sharing their screen space after almost 16 long years and may be more than that, isn’t sounds something interesting, so while we await for some legendary fun of this episode do to stay tuned to

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