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How Shahid Kapoor Rocked in Haider?

Sahid-Kapoor in Haider

Shahid Kapoor has been known for his chocolate boy appearance, which has made countless people his fans and followers especially from the girls, and women. He has been incredible in his dance moves and sequences, however, with movies like Haider, he seems to be a changed man. With this movie, you can see an acute transformation of a chocolate hero into a versatile and seasoned actor. With his performance, he has simply proved his worth in the industry and given a message that he has the potential to surprise with his incredible and outstanding performance. Haider is an incredible movie, but it is indeed not an exaggeration to claim that it is totally a Shahid’s movie. Well, let us check how Shahid Kapoor has rocked in the role of Haider as under:

No better Haider than Shahid

After seeing the performance of Shahid in the movie Haider, he has simply surpassed the expectation of both audience and critics. He has simply portrayed the character of Haider with utter perfection and commitment, which is hard to think of anyone doing the same in his place. Though you find a couple of really good actors in Bollywood, yet it goes beyond saying that Haider truly belonged to this man and Vishal Bhardwaj couldn’t have got a better and competent Haider than him.

Brilliant Acting

Yes, in the role of Haider, Shahid Kapoor has showcased that he is not only good as a chocolate hero but at the same time incredible in his acting skills. Unlike his father, he will be known for doing justice to any character assigned to him in any movie and Haider is the classic example to this fact. Just check out his performance while he is standing over the streets giving a speech to the gathered crowd. The kind of emotions he has portrayed while playing different characters is simply awesome.

One of his best performances in his acting career

It won’t be a hyperbole to say that with Haider, he has played some of the best performances of his career. Indeed playing such a character is no simple nut to crack; it requires a proper understanding of acting, and character. Shahid has been incredible to the roles he has done earlier with Vishal Bhardwaj, remember Kaminey, yes he was really cool in it, so unlike the previous one, he has once again accepted the challenge to play some of the toughest roles in his career.

Check his Dance

There is no doubt to the fact that he is a cool dancer as well. In fact, he without dancing in any movie cannot complete the film and Haider was no exception. Despite the fact that Haider is completely a different movie, he was able to find the opportunity to dance with utter perfection and incredible talent. Check his dance sequence in Bismil song; you would simply love him for his incredible dance steps. In fact, he with his dance step has extended the efforts of brilliant choreography and the art of storytelling to a new zenith. Indeed, you would feel and experience the song and its dance in a very different level all-together.

The transformation

The story of Haider is a roller coaster ride for Shahid’s character, wherein you find an innocent boy turning to a mentally disturbed person who is filled with revenge and his acting capabilities is indeed commendable. As he very well knew that he has to take the revenge of his father’s death from his own uncle, he has made sure to look for the same until the climax of the movie.

Wrapping up

Shahid Kapoor has come a long way, right from an innocent boy looking for love in a music video to an ace actor doing wonders with characters like Haider. Most of the characters he has played earlier in the movie include the chocolate boy or romantic hero, however, with different movies like Kaminey and Haider has carved his niche as a versatile actor. Indeed, with his incredible performance in Haider, you wouldn’t mind taking a bow to this man, which he actually deserves through his brilliant performance.

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