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South Flops: Bollywood wasn’t the only one to give major flops in 2022. Look at these five Southern Films

South Flops have also occurred at times and it wasn’t just B-town where all the movies failed badly. We agree that Bollywood has gone through a rough patch this year, with most films becoming box office flops and producers wondering what went wrong. On the other hand, it was completely different for Southern Industry. Almost ten months of the year 2022 have passed, and this year will be recognized for South films.

From major budget to low budget films, including ‘RRR,’ ‘KGF Chapter 2’, and the recently released ‘Kantara,’ they have set box office records. However, after such a tremendous success, they have also presented many similar films in recent months, which have failed despite star power and significant hype, causing a loss in crores. Let us introduce you to them.

Some Big Budget South Flops of 2022

Radhe Shyam  

The first setback for Prabhas’ film “Radhe Shyam” was its release with “The Kashmir Files.” People all around the country were watching Vivek Agnihotri’s film with full enthusiasm at that time.

Because of Prabhas’ fame, there was a lot of excitement about “Radhe Shyam” on its opening weekend. However, by the end of the weekend, the film’s profits dropped and never recovered.

According to reports, the producers lost almost 100 crores on the movie. There is no definite amount known for the film’s budget or collection. It is known that the Radhe Shyam had a budget of 300-350 crores.

South Flops Radhe Shyam


Despite joining forces, two of Telugu cinema’s biggest actors couldn’t save the movie. This was the first time Chiranjeevi and his son Ram Charan starred in full-fledged roles together.

The film took around 140 crore rupees to produce. Only a month before the debut of ‘Acharya,’ ‘RRR’ was launched. The producers may have hoped to benefit on Ram Charan’s success, but they were unable to do so.
Before its release, Acharya did not cause any uproar. The film then failed to make a great first impression. The film’s box office performance deteriorated with each passing day.

South flops Acharya

The Warrior

Many explanations were offered for The Warrior’s failure. One of the primary reasons was the film’s high ticket price. The multiplex ticket price was roughly Rs 300, while the single screen ticket price was around Rs 175. According to media sources, if multiplex tickets cost up to Rs 200 and single screen tickets cost up to Rs 150, the film’s revenues will increase. Even the success of Karthik Aryan’s film ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ was attributed to its low ticket price.

The Warrior South Flop

South Flops of 2022. Read More…


‘Crack,’ a film directed by Ravi Teja and released in 2021, performed well at the box office. This was the time when movie theatres were dealing with the Corona outbreak. In such circumstances, ‘Crack’ grossed almost 70 crores at the movie office. The film’s opening day collection, or earnings on the first day, was around 12 crores. This could not be repeated by Ravi Teja’s 2022 release ‘Khiladi.’ The film could only make Rs 13 crore as long as it stayed in theatres. Its cost, on the other hand, was roughly Rs 60 crore.


Thank You

Some films are designed to promote actors at the time of their release. However, after a few years of its release, he refuses to even mention the picture. This film, like Aamir Khan’s, will be titled ‘Thugs of Hindostan.’ ‘Thank You’ will be a landmark film for Naga Chaitanya, Aamir’s co-star in ‘Laal Singh Chaddha.’ ‘Thank You’ will be a landmark film for Naga Chaitanya, Aamir’s co-star in ‘Lal Singh Chaddha.’

This year, Thank You was a film that received no praise from any source. Critics gave the picture a failing grade. People who went to see the movie did the same thing making it one of the South flops.

South flops Thank You

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