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Some life changing reasons to drink more water this summer

Life without water is life without spirit. You cannot imagine your life without water. Right from food to personal cleanliness to ease and comfort you get, you have tons of roles the water plays in our day to day life. Come summer, you have all the reasons to consume water the most. Water can help in preventing your body to dehydrate especially during the summers when the heat comes with scorching sun causing problems. Besides, you have many life changing reasons to drink more and more water this summer, let’s check them out as under:

Get Fitness with Water

The human body comprises of 60 percent of water, which means that we are often dehydrated especially during the summers. In fact, our bodies are dehydrated to some extent, which in turn hamper the performance of the majority of our body cells. This can hamper the other systems inside our body, which can be sorted out using the right water intake. In other words, drink more and more water to address this problem.

You lose your life without water

It’s true if you do not drink water, you will die, which is really important. As per the surroundings, you can survive from few days to the other without water, which can last for a week to a max. Though man can live without food to a higher level of days but without food, you cannot survive a single day. A majority of these simply prioritize the water consumption far more than we are currently doing.

It Prevents Cancer

Cancer is the most deadly disease known to mankind; however, this can be only reduced with good amount of water intake. A number of research studies have backed the fact that by staying hydrated you can reduce the risk of having colon cancer by around 45 to 50 percent, while the gall bladder cancer can go down by 50 to 60 percent and it even reduces the risk of breast cancer as well.

Make or Mar your Mood

As per a number of research studies, dehydration can hamper your mood and thus can even make your confused and grumpy. Consider getting happier and clearer by drinking more amount of water.

Performing Better and smarter

With right kind of body hydration, you can end up getting good amount of athletic performance. The water comprises of around 75 percent of muscle tissue. Dehydration can simply lead to issues like fatigue, weakness, electrolyte and dizziness

Reduces Weight

By drinking enough water can even help you in issues like weight loss. At times, you can feel the hunger when you actually very much thirsty. Our body concerts into an alarm bell when we tend to ignore things we need. For those who are trying to lose some pounds getting hydrated all the time can really help in beating your appetite apart from losing weight.

Put your joint pains on ease

Drinking sufficient amount of water can even help in reducing the pain in your joints as it helps the cartilages turn soft and remain hydrated. This can direct the glucosamine reduce the joint pains by simply expediting in the absorption of water inside these cartilages.

Flushes out bacteria and waste

Consuming more water can even help in getting rid of the waste and bacteria inside our water. Our digestive systems really need good amount of water in order to function in a right way. The waste gets away from the urine and sweat. If you do not drink water, you will not be able to flush out the waste that our body collects causing a number of issues. Having water with proper fibre can even help in addressing constipation.

Glow your skin with water

Consuming water can really make your skin glow and as we know skin is among the largest organs found in our body. By regular and good amount of water consumption, you can enhance the colour and texture of your skin to a great extent, which is possible through new cell production.

Get away from headaches

Water is the best way to prevent headaches and at times it can be caused even by issues like dehydration. Hence if you are keen to get rid of the nasty pain from your head better drink more water and it will work. Also, by consuming more water, you can help your skin to regulate your body temperature through sweating.

Add Nutrients in the body

Once you start feeding your body with water, you end up circulating nutrients a lot inside your body. With the help of water, you can end up serving the transportation system of your body the best. Once you are dehydrated, you can really find things right.

Wrapping up

Consuming water can be great provided you drink in a right way. You have certain rule to follow when it comes to drinking water. Make sure you drink half your body weight in ounces of water. For instance if you weight 160 lbs, better drink 80 oz of water on a daily basis. Always carry water in a bottle so that you can drink too often. At the same time eat raw fruits and vegetables as they happen to be denser in water. Consider having water till you see urinating with light colour.

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