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Some Breast Augmentation Techniques without Surgery

Breast is an asset of any woman as it shapes up good, bad and the ugly figure of the females. Woman with smaller ones do wish for the bigger and fuller appearing breasts, but they fear undergoing any surgical procedure. However, for such women who are not blessed in their breast department can add its size without undergoing any procedure. Yes its possible to have the well defined pair of breasts, which can enhance your curves and make your attires look cool and hot together boosting up your confidence level. Its not the money, which comes in your way to have a perfect breast with surgery but the kind of complications and side effects these surgeries bring in also stops women to tread the path of invasive procedures. The following are some of the best tips to increase your breast, which will never demand you to have any surgery:


Exercise is one of the best ways to boost up your breast size. By exercising with your pectoral or chest muscles can help your breast to appear firmer, perkier and bigger. The exercises like pushups and reverse pushups can help in toning your breast in a perfect shape. You can even try some free weights like dumbbells along with a bench press can make your breast turn big. You can ask your gym instructor to give you a custom exercises to try out the best exercise program as per your level to lift your breast. You can even try yoga, there are certain postures, which can help in building up the chest muscles. These include the cobra pose, camel pose, cow pose, etc.

Try Special Food

There are some special foods, which have the attributes that can boost up the breast size when you consume in moderate levels. These include the Flax seeds, which are known to be rich in phytoestrogens that help to lift your breast the best. Next are the Fenugreek and fennel seeds. You can add the powder of fenugreek in any of your daily diets to see your breast lifting. Even by chewing fennel seeds after the meal or taking it along with a tea can help you in this. Next is the soya and soya products along with sesame seeds.

Use a perfect size bra

Wearing a right kind of bras in terms of size can help in giving the added amount of push in order to shape your breast. The push up bras is simply of great in style to wear, which add in giving good amount of cleXvage look. Lastly, you can even think of padded and balconette bras in order to enhance the apparent size of the breast and thus make them look fuller.

Breast Massages

A massage can help in increasing the blood circulation along with the hormones in order to boost up their size provided you do it twice in a day. You need to know the right technique of massage. For this you need to rub your palms together vigorously along with oil or paste. Put your hands over the breast and rub gently inwards in a circulation motions. You need to cover the complete breast area along with completing the 50 rotations at one time. You need to be gentle in your massage yet being firm. You can use cod liver oil or mustard oil to massage the breasts, however, make sure you heat it up mixing the fenugreek powder with water for around 20 minutes.

Wearing Bust Enhancing Attires

If nothing works, make sure you start wearing bust enhancing dresses. Try wearing tops and shirts with frills or ruffles over your chest area as this will give you a plus size look. Make your dresses (blouses or Kameezes) with sweetheart, collar or with the halter necklines, as it help in accentuating your chest. Also wearing clothes with horizontal stripes and high necks over the chest too can help you in giving the bust line a complete look.

Correct your Posture

If you slouch your breasts it can simply make them appear smaller. Make sure you stand or sit with erect body and straight neck can make your chest muscles look slightly pushed out thus giving an appearance of slightly bigger cup size. Make sure you start practicing before any mirror and you will notice how your cup size would appear big.

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