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Simran Sarkar talks about content creation in the digital era

Simran Sarkar

Success isn’t just about working hard. It is also about working smart. Our technological dependence is on the rise and we are bombarded by information every day. A major chunk of that is digital. A majority of us rely on the digital world for our daily acquiring and disseminating of information. There are many forms of digital content- audio, visual, audio-visual, ASMR to name a few. The digital world has transcended the national boundaries of countries and knits the world together. Creating content that would be enjoyed by everyone all over the world is a new trend and this opens up new vistas for every content writer.

Of many inspirational stories, the story of Simran Sarkar stands out. She’s an example of what desire can do to you. How it can overcome every hurdle, no matter how high they are. Hailing from Jalpaiguri, Simran had to fight all odds to make a name for herself in this field. Her first job in content writing was for a firm for $5 an article. Soon, she joined a firm called Klarumedia.

Her journey began when she started with content writing at the age of 14. Soon, she started selling her services on Fiverr.

She lost her parents at a young age. Digital marketing transformed into her means of livelihood. She realised that she loved doing this. That was the start of her success climbing ladder.

Her desire to unite people with content that would be enjoyed by all drove her forward. She took up more roles. Started working with many firms across India. Her ideas gained popularity.

At the age of 16, she moved to Calcutta for her higher education. Later, she dropped out of college to pursue her dream of creating quality content.

Today, all her Facebook pages have a combined share of more than 15 million. She has been influential on Instagram too. This story remains as a reminder that when there’s a will, there’s always a way.

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