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Siddharth Anand Confirms Hrithik Roshan’s Return in Krrish 4

Filmmaker Siddharth Anand has officially confirmed the highly anticipated fourth installment of the Indian superhero franchise, Krrish. Hrithik Roshan will reprise his role as the protagonist in this next chapter of the sci-fi fantasy series, following the success of Koi.. Mil Gaya, Krrish, and Krrish 3. Although Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan provided an update on Krrish 4 three years ago in 2021, there hasn’t been much official news from the makers since then. However, earlier this week, a social media page shared a poster of Hrithik in his iconic Krrish outfit with the caption,
“He’s coming.” In response to the post, Siddharth Anand replied, “Yep, he is.” Siddharth’s response has sparked speculation about whether he will be directing the fourth film in the franchise, taking over the reins from Rakesh Roshan. However, there has been no official clarification on this matter. It is worth noting that Hrithik and Siddharth have previously collaborated on films like Bang Bang and War, further adding to the speculation. Krrish is one of Bollywood’s most successful franchises, and earlier this year, it was reported by Mid-day that Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan are working diligently to develop an innovative and fresh concept for the upcoming film.
While Hrithik is currently filming War 2, the script for Krrish 4 is rumored to be in the advanced stages of development. According to the report, the team aims to commence filming next year. According to a source quoted by the publication, Hrithik has scheduled brainstorming sessions throughout the summer to ensure that he and Rakesh deliver a story that exceeds expectations. The anticipation surrounding Krrish 4 continues to grow, and fans eagerly await further updates on the project, hoping for another thrilling and visually spectacular addition to the beloved franchise.

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