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If listening to your favourite song is like reading a good book, live performances are watching your book’s film adaptation. Every detail of the book comes alive, you get to feast your eyes and ears and immerse yourself in the magic.

Live performances breathe life into songs, everyone who enjoys music can congregate at a welcome place and dance to their heart’s content.

And when it comes to live performances nobody can beat the Show Stoppers. The ShowStoppers are a band from the bustling city of Delhi. The band was founded by Sagar Dawar and features an impressive roster of artists.

Their emcee is a hit with the crowd. He has a way with words and brings everyone to the edge of their seats, he warms up the crowd and gets the party started.

The ShowStoppers play at a variety of social events, and their mastery in crowd appeal adds another feather in their cap.

After Bhuvan warms up the crowd, Ragini and Rao Gaurav come in to strike while the iron is hot. They blow away the crowd with their mesmerising singing and everybody is compelled to dance and enjoy themselves with the tunes.

DJ Abhi and the Sound Engineer Dinesh look after the music side of things. When the singers are on stage, they have to sing, but the make or break depends on the music.

DJ Abhi -an internationally acclaimed artist- and his equally talented counterpart Dinesh wow the crowd every time and leave no stone unturned when to give the best live performance the audience has ever seen.

Rinku and Tarun play the instruments. Rinku is an international dhol player, and Tarun is an experienced percussionist. They both have played countless shows, and their experience brings a golden touch to the ShowStoppers.

Each member of the Showstoppers complements the talent of others and helps the band set new standards of live performances.

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