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Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene Movie Review

Sharaafat Gayi Tel Lene movie review

Is a movie with pleasant and original satire!

16th January 2015, is indeed a busy Friday, too many movies, with varying genres. Sharaafat Gayi Tel Lene, is a movie, which falls under family comedy genre. The main leads in the film include Zayed Khan, Tena Desae and Rannvijay Singh along with Anupam Kher, Talia Bentson and Yuri Suri. The movie was made long before in 2010, however, its release was delayed for a couple of years for a number of unknown reasons. The movie is directed by Gurmmet Singh, while is produced by Jain brothers – Devinder Jain and Akhilesh Jain under the banner of Trinity Group. The music for the film comes from a slew of people including Meet Bros Anjjan, Dhruv Dhalla, Sandeep Chatterjee, Akshay Raheja and Faridkot Band.

Now, let’s start with script or plot of the movie. Sharaafat Gayi Tel Lene happens to be a comic thriller, which has a common man who is ardent believer of the axiom- Honesty Is the Best Policy, but at the same time he believes that sometime, it is okay to break this rule and bend things in your favour treading a wrong path to lead a smooth and happy life. Zayed Khan plays the central character called Prithvi Khurana, while his roommate-Sam is played by Rannvijay Singh and the love life of Zayed is a girl called Tena Desai, which happens to be the first movie of this girl in B Town. The two leads their life with Sharafat, which is indeed a tough word to describe in an era where corruption has become the part and parcel of lives. Amidst all the hush-hush, the nerdy guy Prithvi Khurana discovers that he has become a millionaire as he has loads of money in his account, which he checks while checking his balance in the nearest ATM. He then realises that someone has the money of the underworld don – Daud and then the entire game changes, which is interesting to catch in the film.

This satirical screenplay has loads of twists and turns, which keep you glued in the movie giving no loo breaks as you enter into the second half. The script has the power to get you hooked for the entire runtime of the film. Now talking about Zayed Khan, he is not among the successful actors in B Town as has a number of flops and average films in his career span, however, this movie can give him a good comeback. Thanks to his competent performance of the hilarious nerd in Sharaafat Gayi Tel Lene. Rannvijay Singh as Sam too has impressed everyone, which adds on as one of the best performance of this guy.

The self created mess by these guys are worth watching only due to their incredible performances.   The others in the list too had good kind of roles and performance in the movie especially the veteran Anupam Kher, who has once again excelled playing the part of a corporate guy who is keen to have a look at people having fat money.The other elements like music, script, locations, songs, thrill, etc, everything seem to be incredible, making the movie full of potentials making it big over the box office. The song – “Selfiyaan” by Meet Bros. & Anjjan is already making waves over chartbuster, which add favours to the movie.

Sharaafat Gayi Tel Lene Review last word

The movie ias based on theme of covetousness and greed, which makes it a cool satire to catch. At the same time, it happens to be a saucy comedy about common man’s brush with the underworld. This makes it an original and full of laughter inducing romp wherein the errors simply define the mood along with the characters. You not only find something to laugh but also some power packed performances of actors like Zayed Khan, which gives a good comeback for the actor. Hopefully with this movie, he revives his old glory and enjoys a stable career in Bollywood.


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