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Crazy Cukkad Family Movie Review

Crazy Cukkad Family

Crazy storyline, hilarious and punch packed message at the end  

The movie Crazy Cukkad Family is among the comedy drama movies releasing this Friday. It is directed by Ritesh Menon, while produced by Prakash Jha who is known more as a reality filmmaker on burning issues like reservations and corruption. The movie has Swanand Kirkire, Zachary Coffin, Shilpa Shukla, Kushal Punjabi Jugnu Ishiqui, Anushka Sen and Nora Fatehi seen in different lead and supporting roles. The movie falls under family comedy coming under the banner of Prakash Jha Productions. The music comes by duo Siddharth- Suhas, while cinematography comes from Sojan Naryanan.  Now, let’s dig deep into the film to explore the movie as under:

The plot of the movie is a roller coaster ride, which simply starts with the wealthy Mr. Bedi who is seen entering to the state of Coma. He has four estranged kids who take their father back to home so that their father breathes his last breath at his ancestor’s place, which is based in a big estate amidst mountains and valleys. Swanand Kirkire playing the character of Pawan Beri the oldest of son of Mr. And Mrs Beri happens to be a hustler who seems to be into a big problem owing to a local mafia guy turned into a local politician. He is rogue, arrogant and rude is known to look at everyone and everything in perspective of crooked fashion.

On the other side, you have Shilpa Shukla playing the character of Archana Beri who happens to be a winnable socialite keen to contest in Miss India, however, she is forcefully married to a guy at a tender age against her wishes and thus now more interested to enter into the Mrs. India Contest. She is always rude to everyone including her family and thus seen venting out her frustration by bulling her husband Digvijay played by Ninad Kamat. Her husband secretly leads a dual personality, while the other guy Aman Beri played by Kushal Punjabi is based in USA and returns back to his family with his American wife wherein he poses to be successful fashion photographer but in reality, he is struggling with small time jobs of light boy.

The youngest son in the family is Abhay Beri played by Siddharth Sharma, not much is known of this son who was sent to New Zealand for further studies, but has no updates about this guy. All the four siblings are a bunch of crazy guys engulfed in the chaos of the will of their father. The story revolves around the dysfunctional Beri family, which you find mad caper, hilarious, even emotions and heart warming kind of story who is also struggling to find the real meaning of being a family.

The actors in the lead role especially found in Cukkad family happen to be new in B Town. Except one or two like Swanand Kirkire who is a one man army in himself for trying everything in the industry right from direction, music, lyrics, acting and singing seemed incredible in his performance, the others seemed raw and okay with an above average performance. The director has tried his best to make the family look crazy giving everything any Bollywood movie would render. The locations chosen were incredible, somewhere based in lush green and picturesque atmosphere. Since its a Prakash Jha production, it may surprise you in many ways, how a reality based issues director switching over comedy, but he came out with an intention to try something worthy for the audience. Well, let’s see how the audience and critics would react to this experiment of his. Nevertheless, the other elements in the movie seemed okay, right from editing to screenplay and other things.

Crazy Cukkad Family Review Last Word  

The Prakash Jha Production movie – Crazy Cukkad Family has everything, right from the high paced emotions to comedy to fun and item song, which culminates into a typical entertainer masala. The movie also has a subtle message, which goes without saying any typical Prakash Jha movie would ever encompass and Crazy Cukkad Family is no exception. It also witnesses some of the best performances of the few actors especially the older ones and even Shilpa, together giving a good stuff to consume with the movie. The rating the movie, which it deserves could be 3.5.

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