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Alone movie review- a scary saga with difference

alone review

Too many films hitting this Friday, 16th January 2015, which certainly includes the horror drama – Alone. The movie has the debut Karan Singh Grover along with the dusky beauty of B Town- Bipasha Basu and Zakir Hussain along with Sagar Saikia. The director of the film is Bhushan Patel, who is a known director for making scary movies like Ragini MMS 2, 1920: Evil Returns, while it is produced by a slew of people including Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak, Prashant Sharma and Pradeep Agarwal. The music is composed by Jeet Ganguly, Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari. The movie is produced under the banner of Panorama Studios, well time to dig deep into the film as under:

The plot revolves the two conjoined sisters called Anjana and Sanjana (played by Bipasha Basu). The twin sisters live with just one promise, which claims that we will always be together, come what may and will never ever separate. However, under certain mysterious circumstance, one of the sisters dies, while the other is survived. After this, the surviving sister – Sanjana is seen settling down with his sweetheart friend Kabir. The two are a loving couple; however, Sanjana is extremely possessive about her husband, which Kabir dislikes about her leading to quarrels and fights.  Later, the dead sister comes in the form a ghost to scare and haunt the surviving sister against the allegation of why the promise was broken. However, her husband fails to understand any kind of presence of the dead sister. On the other end, Sanjana is seen entering into depression and encounters a nervous breakdown, which eventually compels Kabir to consult his friend Namit who is a psychiatrist, however, he realises Sanjana’s condition is beyond science. Is the existence of her dead sister’s spirit the real problem or it is mere the guilt backed imagination of Sanjana, which is making things bad to worse is an important question to explore in the movie.

Now, let’s talk about performances. Talking about the storyline of the movie, it is based on Thai Original, which seems very much impressive. Thanks to the director’s experience in dealing with such kind of scripts that has helped him to bring out something interesting. The director has left no stone unturned to shape the story with something new and fresh elements, which in turn would become the USP of Alone. Now, let’s talk about the performance of Sanjana as an over possessive wife and a lady living in guilt about her sister’s death. The performance of the dusky beauty seemed better than her previous Creature 3D, perhaps, this time, you have a director Bhushan Patel, who is skilled to extract nothing but the best from the lead roles and Bips was no exception. Karan Singh Grover as Kabir was also perfect in his performance. After carving his niche over smaller screens, his debut performance over the silver screen was promising, yet at times was seen being overshadowed by the performance of Bipasha Basu. Others too were okay in their performance.

The movie has a dull start, giving too many confusions, hence demands your focus giving therefore less loo breaks. As the movie transcends further, the film turns out interesting, giving some of the unique and interesting climax to catch. Don’t miss the end or else, you had to invest the same amount of time and energy to catch it again watching the whole movie at a stretch. The director as said was awesome in his job, while the others in the role of music composition and lyrics and editing too were good. The music had received a mixed review, however, a couple of songs are rocking in the chartbuster. As you end up watching the movie, you would find this horror flick taking a couple of scenes borrowed by the movie The Conjuring.

Alone Review  – Last Word

The movie Alone, starring Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover has something unique in it, which comes in the form of a creative script and story. The director has done an incredible job to present the horror element in the most creative way. Backed by good performances of the lead characters, the movie all together becomes a good stuff to catch with. Of late, Bips and horror has been synonymous to each other, and this time, the dusky beauty has done a much smarter and better performance, again the credit goes to the director who has been ace in such ventures. Bips is simply seen rocking on the screen with her ghost avatar, which will help you enjoy the spooky moments in Alone. All in all, the movie is okay and thus gets the rating of 3.5.

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