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Sandhya Mridul shares about weirdest rumour of her

Sandhya Mridul recently talks about one the weirdest rumour regarding her. She says – “I was associated with people I had never met. After Page 3, I was associated with people and they would say I am having affairs with this one and that one. But I think the weirdest rumour I remember I was very new and I was working with Ashutosh Rana and somebody spread a rumour about me getting married to him or something. And I was like, what the hell is just going on?”

sandhya mridul and ashutosh rana

She further adds – “This is weird. Are you mad? I was like these people will say things out of anything. Then I became a recluse and rumours about me stopped. I was not a publicity person. I wouldn’t talk to the press much unless there was work to talk about.”

Talking about turning points of her career, Sandhya Mridul says – “As of now, the takeaway from this show would be that Tandav for me could be a huge turning point in my career as an actor. Giving me a role that people wouldn’t think about me in, I think it is going a key and a turning point in my life.”

Sandhya Mridul further shares about her time when she entered in Bollywood industry. She says – “When I started off in the industry, there were no hardships for me. As soon as I started on television, I started to get good work with really good directors. I worked with Imtiaz Ali, Sudhir Mishra, Anurag Basu and Anurag Kashyap. The struggle started for me when I stepped away from television and started getting stereotyped. When I got that success of television and I kept getting the same kind of roles, I got bored. That’s when the struggle started, I did not know where to go.”

Sandhya Mridul says that she is finally getting the role she also wanted to play. Taking about that, Sandhya Mridul says – “This is the space I wanted to be in. I always believed in characters, I will always play characters that you will remember. But now it seems a culmination of all that struggle and I am glad that I did not overexpose myself. I am glad that I saved myself to prove my point of being a versatile actor and get the roles I am getting. I am glad I did not allow myself to get stereotyped. Because if I would have been stereotyped, I wouldn’t have got Sandhya (her character in Tandav) today.”

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