Samrat Gaur is Youtuber Or Upcoming Politician?

Samrat gaur Aka Samrat Bhai these days he is in the controversy because of his political opinions due to which he is getting hate too, some people have started calling him biased, right-wing supporters but he has made it clear that these are his opinions which are unbiased. Ironically not everyone likes your opinion and the same is with Samrat, sometimes he is being illogically countered. Which isn’t fair though.

If we talk about his political opinions he made it clear like glass that he doesn’t care about any Political party he is concerned only for those who work for our country. He has also stated that after pursuing LLB he wants to make an entrance in politics but we have to wait for the right time to watch him debuting in politics.

These days he is also making trips to travel the country, recently he was seen with Lakshay Chaudhry and Elvish Yadav, and maybe we are going to get their collaboration soon.

He also got trapped in the wildfire controversy “baba ka Dhaba scam” Out of which he got both hatred and support and according to his statement he has moved out of the topic and he is busy making new content for his viewers. He as clearly stated that he won’t step back giving his unbiased content even if he’ll get either hate or support…he is assuring that his fans will get to see his new contents

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