Basketball player Roman Perez is Victorious in his upcoming Movie

Roman Perez
Roman Perez

The story of Professional basketball player Roman Perez will be our on major platforms later this year 2021. The film titled “i am Victorious”, shares the life of Roman Perez and the obstacles he overcame to achieve all his goals in life on and off the court.

The true definition of being Victorious is not only about winning a game, but most importantly winning the game of life. We fall and we learn to get up, but sometimes we choose to stay down. We only lose so that we can fight for our dreams and turn our goals into a reality.

Roman’s journey is what we call a late bloomer to the game, starting to train at a later age in his life. Years taken place of hard work and training, just to catch up to his peers. But with time, and dedication he would eventually reach his goals. Leading the way in his Williamsburg community in Brooklyn New York, being one of the first players in his neighborhood history to play professionally.

“I am Victorious” the Roman Perez journey teaches us that giving up should not be an option, we must fight and dream no matter the times we may fall down. Trust and faith, and all will follow.

We are looking forward to this film, for more information check them out at www iamvictoriousfilm com

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