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Sambhavna Seth shifted to the hospital at midnight after falling seriously ill due to vomiting

Sambhavna Seth, a well-known actress in the entertainment industry, is one of the most active people on social media. She is married to actor Avinash Dwivedi and the couple has been trying to start a family for some time now. The actress opened up all about the IVF procedure’s adverse effects and her anguish. The actress recently contracted an infection, and on Thursday night, as her condition deteriorated, she was admitted to the hospital.

A former Bigg Boss participant who contracted a sickness and needed to be hospitalized in the middle of the night was transported to the hospital. Already suffering from headaches and a fever, Sambhavna’s condition deteriorated after she vomited as a result of a cough.

The following day, Sambhavna disclosed that when she got up, her throat hurt. She was experiencing severe physical pain, and no medication was helping. Avinash revealed that he left everything of his work behind in order to be with Sambhavna. However, Sambhavna felt better after inhaling steam. In their YouTube Vlog, the couple discussed how long she would need to heal. The actress then claimed that although she had skipped her arthritic medication, she got a fever the following night. She then received a second injection.

The actress previously admitted in a video that her arthritis had returned. She posted a video in which she talked about gaining weight following unsuccessful IVF cycles. Actress discussed being ridiculed for her weight in the video. She shared, “I want to share something with you today. In recent videos, you must have noticed I have been asking Avinash if I have gained weight. It is something I know. I have seen myself in a fit body when I was able to dance easily. Now also I dance easily but with a not so fit body because of my health complications. I feel that I should tell myself that anyone’s body cannot remain constant.”

Sambhavna Seth is very active on social media in which she keeps giving her life updates to her fans. She keeps making vlogs on her YouTube channel. 

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