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Anjali Arora FINALLY breaks her silence on the leaked MMS; “Izzat Ke Saath Mat Khelo..”

Internet sensation Anjali Arora rose to fame suddenly because of the success of her Kacha Badam music video. She eventually became quite well-known after appearing on Kangana Ranaut’s reality series Lock Upp. Anjali recently made headlines after a purported video of her was posted on social media. She reportedly appears in an offensive pose in a video. Anjali responded to the viral video and stated that certain people are attempting to damage her reputation after there were various questions about whether the video was real or fabricated. Siddharth Kannan had an interview with Anjali, she revealed her feelings on the controversy.

She said, “Mujhe nhi pta ki ye kya kar rhe hain log. Mera naam lgakr mera photo lgakr keh rhe hain this is Anjali. I don’t know kyun kar rhe hain in logon ne hi to mujhe bnaya hai. Inki bhi family hai..meri bhi family hai. Meri family bhi sare videos dekhti hai. Sometimes I feel ki jab main ye sab cheezein dekhti hun ki ye kyun kar rhe hain jisme main hun hi nhi. Jisme main hun hi nhi usko itna kyun faila rhe par faltu ki cheezein views ke liye. Anjali Arora ka mms. Mere bhi hai hain, family hai…chote bhai hain jo ye dekhte hain.”

Anjali Arora added further, “Theek hai aap kisi ko badnaam karna chahte ho..but is trah see yaar. Kehte haina jab kisi ki barabri na ho paye toh usko badnaam karna shuru kardo. Toh bass yhi sab kar rhe hain.”

Additionally, she emphasized that this was not the first time that her false MMS film had appeared online. Earlier, when she appeared on the reality series Lock Up, her parents had reported phoney tapes to the police. The actress, who is 21 years old, added that altering someone’s images or creating bogus videos is categorically not cool.

Anjali Arora released her new music video, “Saiyyan Dil Mein Aana,” on Wednesday. It is a replica of the famous song by Burman from the 1951 movie Bahar. Shruti Rane sings the new song, while Anjali performs some modern dance routines on it.

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