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Sakshi Chopra : Biography, instagram, wiki, age, height, Ramanand Sagar

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There is a new hottie celebrity kid on the block! Sakshi Chopra is making waves with her hot and steamy bikini pics and more on the internet. And you will be surprised to know that she is the great grand daughter of Ramanand Sagar who is well known  to the Television audience for his epics shows like Ramayana and Shri Krishna. Yes, the same shows depicting family values and the rich heritage of our culture that kids of our generation grew up watching. But that is not the only thing that qualifies Sakshi to fame. She is a mesmerizing singer in London who is pursuing her degree in vocals from Trinity college. See Sakshi Chopra’s awesome selfies in bikinis and hot dresses, she is indeed bold.

Sakshi is the daughter of Meenakshi Sagar who is producer following the lineage of Ramanand Sagar. Ramanand Sagar has produced and directed Hindi films and serials of which the production of serials based on Hindu mythology stands out has his biggest contribution. He was honored with Padma Shri in 2000.

Sakshi is 19 years old and she is already a sensation on social media as her pics are uber hot. Sakshi has sung for the cover of Nina Simone’s Feeling good. She is the same girl who was in news for indulging in a bitter brawl in a city pub with Pooja Bedi’s daughter Aliya Bedi. Sakshi has also posted her Selfi with none other than Shahrukh Khan himself.

So it will not be a surprise if we hear of Sakshi’s debut in Bollywood.

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