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Catch Kareena Kapoor’s Latest Picture with the Baby Bump


Kareena Kapoor is back in discussion for her latest photography with her baby bump. The lady and the Chote Nawad would have their first baby, which is likely to come on this earth this coming month. Hence the actress has all the reasons to flaunt her baby bump at various events and shows.

This time she was seen in a photoshoot conducted by a magazine when her pregnancy seems to be in the last trimester. She is there to define the way the society will define a lady who happens to be a would be mother and the things she can do.

As you check her photograph, she seems cool in her white sleeveless top and skirt. But at the same time she had an announcement for baby shower. As per reports, Kareena Kapoor is waiting to catch the first look of her child in December.

If you are yet to catch her latest photograph of Kareena Kapoor in white with her Baby Bump how about catching the same as under:

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