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Saiyami Kher: Filmmakers hired other after Mirzya didn’t work

Saiyami Kher
Saiyami Kher recently opens about everything in an interview. She says – “It happened organically. When I started off, I didn’t know anything at all. The first step was going to school and learning the basics of being in front of the camera. After long tedious three years of auditioning, Mirzya happened. That too was a six month auditioning process. Unfortunately it didn’t do well at the box office.”

Actress Saiyami Kher confesses – “I had signed a few other films with big filmmakers, but after Mirzya, they decided to go ahead with someone else, who was commercially more successful.”

Saiyami Kher also shares more and says – “After Mirzya, Anurag said to me he wants to do a film with me, and sent a script. I was very excited, but it never took off. I was also doing a Tamil film and had done workshops, that also never took off. It was a low phase, my film hadn’t worked, and the few things I signed, went. Mauli was exciting… a hardcore commercial film, and at the same time, the girl had a lot to do. It helped me break my glam image that was created after Mirzya. Things started moving a bit after that.”

She concludes saying that she is busy now. She also tells – “I’ve just gotten back about 10 days ago from Manali. I was shooting for my film with Nagarjuna sir. It’s an action-packed one, and I’m playing a RAW agent.”

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