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Milind Soman: My event company suffered in 2020

Milind Soman

Milind Soman

Milind Soman talks elaborately over many things. He says – “A lot of people lost their job, the economy has suffered. Not many know that I’ve been an event manager for more than 30 years. My own business which is an event company suffered. We do a lot of events but obviously when no travel is allowed and gatherings aren’t allowed, we can’t do anything.”

Milind Soman further laments – “We had around 65 people in our Mumbai office but now there are about 15. So many people had to leave, so many people we had to let go because we didn’t have money to pay them. A lot of people are only getting 30 percent or 50 percent of the salary because there is just no business.”

Actor Milind Soman says – “In 2021, I hope I can resurrect my business, we can start working again, rehire people.” He further ends by saying – “Other than the business part, 2020 has been good for me. As a person, I’m very adaptable, and want to continue to do that forever. The shoot of the show was fun. Now there’s a lot of work, people want to catch up and do stuff.”