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“Never Give-up on your dream” Anamika Shrivastava’s motivational journey

Anamika Shrivastava
Anamika Shrivastava

Music is the most soothing gift of nature. Music is one thing that helps leads you a world of dreams and relaxation. It takes you to a different world away from reality. Most of us listen to the music now and then, but a big thank you to those who understands it and create beautiful music for us. It is these creators who dedicate their lives in making and presenting beautiful music.

Some people are lucky to start early and follow their passion to create music, while others love to express their creativity but not able to get a suitable chance. But, it is believed if you dream truly from your heart, your dream will definitely come true. Such is the story of our melody queen Anamika Shrivastava. She is a talented singer, a composer and a lyricist. She has devoted herself to devotional genre. She is a disciple of ‘Mata Rani’ and dedicated her talent to her.

She always has had the most melodious voice but was not able to express it. Talking further about the same, she confesses, “Singing was always my dream, but I could never sing. When I say I could never sing, it literally means that I could never sing. Whenever I was told to sing a line even at parties, I used to freeze.” She further stated that, “I was always very conscious about the people, but otherwise I love to sing for myself and also my family.” She always wanted to express herself but her nervousness never let her win. But her dream always stayed with her. She excitedly, tells us, “My singing journey started with my elder daughter, who was eight years old then in 2013 encouraged me. She installed an app on my phone where she taught me how to use it and create my songs. I started it as hobby and learning it gradually. It further helped me to gain confidence. I never took any music lessons professionally in my life, but this was the turning point in my life.”

After that it was no looking back, she had support and encouragement from her family and today our melody lady have established herself as devotional singer. She sings her heart out and won admiration from all over the India. This self-learned lady never quitted her dream and today is known for her devotional dedications including Hey Kaali Kalyani, Vaishnavi and Lingashtakam.

She is an inspiration to all the young girls and even mothers, who may leave their dreams due to society, but if you are passionate then your hard work will definitely reap you a sweet fruit.

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