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Radhika Apte: A Smashing Saga of Bold MMS Takes U-Turn Catch the Trailer

radhika apte nude

Well said that ‘Time is more Harder and Ruler’ that makes each one of us learn and also makes us realize the essence of working consistently without any stroke, but what say if our past returns just like a mirror? And start rolling here n there? I guess it’s quite difficult to answers these questions right? But, how about if I’ll say these sorts of similar questions are pampering to Bollywood star cum a sizzling celeb none other than Radhika Apte. Indeed it’s all about her recent activities which are revolving round n round, have a look here..

Did you remember one of the hottest Nude MMS which was revolving all over the globe like anything of Radhika? Of course, how can anybody forget that isn’t? So, it’s time for something which is actually hotter than that, and can distract anyone’s mind. Yes, as the title depicts the trailer of the movie which you’ll had a glance a few weeks ago via MMS is about to touch the floors soon. As per the sources the entire movie will be of just 15mins, under the directions of Gael García Bernal from Argentina, Mia Wasikowska from Australia, Sebastian Silva from USA along with one of the renowned directors of all from Indian territory none other than Anurag Kashyap and last but not the least Natasha Khan from UK are ready to pull up the movie on the floors and soon will hit the silver screens.

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