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Sridevi’s Daughter Khushi Kapoor Taken another Step towards Bollywood Boldness

Some people are trying so hard, just to get pulled up from the un-known crowd all over the globe; I guess there might be hardly some couple of people who would contradict with the said statement am I right? Surely, but there’re some people around the globe who just sneeze a bit and are notched by the social media people and guess who’re they? Indeed these are none other than Bollywood celebs who’re always used to roll here n there even if they won’t do anything. But, how about the one who’s rolling like a sparking star all over the social media platforms by her own. Check this out.

One of the renowned celebrities of all, the one n only olden gold ‘Sridevi’s’ daughter ‘Khushi Kapoor’ is actually taken a step towards Bollywood boldness via a perfect platform that exposes any a single image like a blast i.e. Social Media. Guess what with whom she’s rolling out, he’s one of the renowned pop sensation Jack Gilinsky, who’s being kissed by her!. Yes, what you read is indeed truth as she has openly kissed him and posted her twin photo on her wall.

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