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Why Pushing SRK starrer Raees to 2017 is a good idea?

Though the industry Bollywood has witnessed a number of clashes earlier, however, the magnitude Sultan and Raees goes far than the previous films clashing on same days. Two big releases of 2016- Sultan and Raees having two huge stars that rule the box office are supposed to clash.  Obviously a massive amount of buzz is seen moving around these two films for having the stalwart actors in these films. But with the unconfirmed news coming about the film Raees being pushed in 2017 on the 26th January. Though there is no official news popping up about the postponement of the movie, yet postponing the same in the next year will certainly fetch much of the moolah as compared to the clash during its release in 2016 Eid juncture. Let’s check out the analysis of the same as under:

What experts have to say about the film?

A couple of trade experts have felt that the decision to postpone the film Raees to 26th January 2017 would be a judicious decision to make. This will be a witty choice considering the fact that stakes are so high and there are cordial equations found in between SRK and Salman or more importantly with Aditya Chopra. Hence it would be a gracious gesture wherein each other spaces are considered. It will be certainly a beneficial bet for both the films as it will render them full potential in sharing the screen spaces. Yet the two feel that Eid is the right occasion to release the film considering the fact that both the films have Muslim characters in their respective films. Perhaps this is the only reason why the makers of Raees remain unmoved about the release date.

The Screen Share

Both the movies are simply huge having giant stars in it; however, the two would face the dearth of screens in Indian circuit for obvious reasons. The Indian cinema infrastructure is still week to accommodate the two mammoth releases on the sane national holiday. In the ideal situation, for optimum business, it is always a good idea that both the movies hit the theatres on two different national holidays; however, frankly speaking both the films will get what they really deserve to do.  Yet releasing on the same day would certainly going to chip away certain amount of collection for any of the movies releasing the same national holiday. One of the classic examples is the release of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani wherein the collection of the former was hampered with the other release. Despite the fact that Bajirao Mastani was low in terms of star value as compared to the other release, yet the business was hampered in a big way.

Factors Encouraging The Decision of Postponement

As per experts, the decision about postponing the film Raees would much depend upon the amount of collection the film Fan is able to draw after things settle down. Secondly if you look at the release date, which happens to be Eid, Salman seems to be much powerful in his promos and subject the film that deals with it. Considering the fate of the previous two films of SRK, there are chances to see the postponement of the film for sure both from the producers (Excel Entertainment) and the actor Shah Rukh Khan himself.  Also, there are certain Trojan horses to be seen in this scenario in terms of number of screens and other issues this year.

Raees-Sultan Coming Together a Suicidal Case

The clash of both the films would be nothing but a suicidal thing considering the crunch of screens and the tug of war to get more number of screens can convert into a kind of rift among the two production companies and even to the stars despite their cordial relations in the recent past. The fact is we do not have 8000 screens in our urban circuits as both the movies would look for at least 4k each. Yash Raj is certainly not going back out for the reason that Sultan is one of the big releases of the year, while Excel Entertainment though is a bigger group as well but not as might as YRF. So, the clash would be rather unfair as we do not live in China or in Hollywood wherein getting 1000 screens is no big deal. The clash of two films is not practical in India since the audience here is not likely to decide for both the films. Hence they have two movies coming together in the same multiplex; the chance of getting a crowd at one end would be much higher than the other. The classic example can be found in between the Fan and the other release from Hollywood The Jungle Book. And frankly India has no liberty to release two big films like that.

Content Makes the Difference

During the festive time, no one wants to watch a film, which showcases the grey areas of the lead actors. Comparing the films Sultan and Raees, they may appear to have a Muslim base but differ in many ways. The former is about struggle, victory and happiness, while the other film is simply about portraying a negative character of Bootlegger, which is a don kind of image. Frankly, it is a character of a don who is not at all a robinhood character, which anyone would not want to watch during the festive time like Eid, Diwali or Christmas. Well, the films like Diwale and Bajirao Mastani vouches for this.

Final Word

The clash of Sultan and Raees is certainly not a good idea. Perhaps with two ordinary performance films like Dilwale and Fan from Shah Rukh Khan, no one would take another chance this coming Eid with the film called Raees. Well, theatrically it is proved that it’s not a good idea to release Raees now the ball is in the court of Excel and SRK camps to decide the release date.

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