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Prajakt Rebeloma, A 25 year old college dropout with broken Leg Making His debut in Bollywood

Lastbenchers Movie Release Date

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Prajakt Rebeloma, A 25 year old college dropout with broken Leg Making His debut in Bollywood as Self Learned Director, Actor, Writer, Lyricist, Singer, Editor in upcoming Movie Lastbenchers

 When Prajakt Rebeloma decided to make a movie, he and Dipak Harne ( Friend and also Supporting Actor ) moved to a flat in Nagpur where there was no bed, no clothes, no tv or sofa. But after spending 2 nights on footpath both were happy they atleast had a roof now. Even though Prajakt’s dad Er. Moreshwar Meshram agreed to finance “Lastbenchers” Movie, Prajakt lived life of an unemployed youngster with 2 pairs of clothes and one laptop to study from internet. He had already left college after 11th and wandered many places doing many low profile jobs. With no college degree and no experience of film making, he decided to make a feature film “Lastbenchers” . In that empty flat, he and his other friend Mani biswas wrote title song, Back in My life song in torn paper which today is becoming hit among college students.

Prajakt loved a girl from the bottom of his heart but in return he got hatred from her. Everyday he used to visit her college bus-stop to have a glance at her and thought may be one day she will realize his love.

Lastbenchers Movie

 One month passed in that memorable flat and on 12th july, 2011 while crossing road at midnight, a drunk driver lost his control and hit Prajakt at 90 kmph speed which broke his left leg. Next day, after operation his only wish was to meet his parents and the girl he loved so much once. But when his friend told her about the accident, instead of sympathy she was happy hearing the news. When Prajakt came to know about this, instead of crying he became determined that soon he will start walking and complete his movie project. Days gone by and he became busy in day to day life but one dad he got shocking news from his father that he has hired 60 newcomers in office to help Prajakt in his movie project.

Prajakt Rebeloma didn’t even know a,b,c of film-making and another amateur newcomers were handed over to him. On 17th February 2012 prajakt started learning film-making on his own with the help of internet. Every Night He and his younger brother Sanket Galactus learned whatever they can about film-making and next day they taught their team what they learned. They also paid newcomers to learn film-making. Within two months both Prajakt Rebeloma and Sanket Galactus learned everything and on 22nd May 2012 shooting of Lastbenchers began. Instead of buying readymade lights these youngsters made their own with led chips. Instead of buying dolly, crane, etc. They made their own. Sanket Galactus taught cinematography to his whole team. While shooting lastbenchers every crew member atleast once operated camera because of Sanket Galactus who is just 20 year old.

Now the post-production phase was remaining where they had to edit, color grade, dub etc to complete Lastbenchers. When Prajakt edited first scene of lastbenchers, it was his first time to edit scene. No short film before, he jumped directly into editing feature film. Lastbenchers was the first movie sanket galactus color graded with no previous experience. To save travel time to Mumbai and to remove fear of his actors, Prajakt converted his bedroom into recording studio where he recorded all the dialogues of his actors.

With no college degree, no teacher, no previous experience, eight screw and two rods in his left leg, with broken heart, lost love and with a team of youngsters who never saw a film set in their life Prajakt Rebeloma finally completed his movie Lastbenchers

And today he is making his debut as Director, Actor, Writer, Lyricist, Editor , Singer, Costume Head etc. Sanket Galactus is making his debut as Comedian, Cinematographer, Color Grading Artist, Designer.


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  1. I am so exited to see this movie, i was listen to many people about these movie its so interesting and saw a college frnds story. when this movie is release on theater i sure i will gone in first show thanks

  2. This story is similar to day to day life of each students and I hope it can be change the mind of our generations student.

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