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Lastbenchers movie postersLastbenchers movie cast and crew:

Direction, Story and Dialogues, Screenplay, Editing by : Prajakt Rebeloma
Lead Actor: Prajakt Rebeloma, Tanvi Lonkar
Lead Actress: Tanvi Lonkar ( Slumdog Millionaire Fame)
Cinematography: Sanket Galactus
Produced by : Moreshwar Meshram
Music Director – Bhupesh Sawai
Release Date: 29th Aug 2014

Plot : Lastbenchers, the movie, is a romantic comedy,  based on the story of 4 young boys. These four young lads remained lastbenchers in their classes, in other words they were average or below average in their academics. Though they could never be in the eyes of the teachers for their merits in academics, they stand out in life when it comes to challenges. They succeed in life by fighting all the odds in real life not by winning academic medals. The story revolves around the question whether it is the merit holder or a person of true grit who wins the race of life. Touching these sides of  young lives , actor, director, producer of the Last Benchers , Prajakt Rebeloma , encapsulates on screen the subtle yet sensitive intricacies of life that makes the lastbenchers an inspirational film.

Writer Prajakt artistically weaves true incidences into an inspiring film. Prajakt has previously directed the short film ” Best Language ” that is a portrayal of the heart touching world of the deaf and the mutes.


The plot of Last Benchers has four young minds battling against society and its norms to carve out a niche for themselves. Pitted against challenging circumstamces, the youngsters bring the best in themselves by fighting adversities with unconventional solutions. They realize it is not the situation that can bog one down  but his own mind if  he fails to put up a fight.

Production and Team:

 The production of the film is by Moreshwar Meshram while Prajakt Rebeloma has rendered his talent in script writing, direction, editing, lyrics, screenplay and dialogues of Last Benchers.

Last Benchers is the brain child of Prajakt Rebeloma , who was inspired by his own life events to create this film for the young masses. Prajakt believes in making films with sensibility and creativity along with the right spirit of trying the new and different. ” A Good script makes  a good movie, that makes it essential for any film makers to possess a meticulous sense of good script. Having the right visualization o f the script in the mind is very important.

Prajakt has founded a film makers’ club called Filmdukes that unites people with film making as the common passion. This young lad of just twenty three gets his filmy genes from his father who is an active contributor in the Marathi film industry.

 The film is the fruit of dedicated hardwork by a large bunch of raw talents.From actors to technicians , there are a large number of them making their debute in the movie. The cinematographer,  Sanket Galactus is the youngest cinematographer for any movie in Bollywood tilll date.

Tanvi lonkar, of Slumdog Millionare fame is also a noteable part of the cast. The teenager who grabbed accolades for her performance in the Academay Award winning movie, as the teenage Lathika, will be seen in a significant role once again in this film.

Bhupesh Sawai has composed the music of the film.


Soud Tracks : Last Benchers has six sound tracks including the title song and the Branded Chaddi song.

Branded Chaddi :

Lyricist: Prajakt Rebeloma
Singers: Junaid Shah and Aniket Kadam
Music by: Bhupesh sawai

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