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Pipsi and Pushpak Viman first weekend box office collection

Jeetu Likhar



Pipsi And Pushpak Viman Movie

Like the B Town, it was the busy Friday as well for the M Town for having two movies releasing this passed Friday. The Marathi Cinema had two movies releasing this Friday and thus attracted the audience to some extent. The films releasing this Friday in M Town included Pipsi and Pushpak Viman, let’s talk about the two one by one starting with the former one first. Pipsi is directed by Rohan Deshpande, while it has an interesting star cast having child artists in it. Well, let’s see the way the film has performed over the box office. It was a lazy Friday for the film on the first day with occupancy reports not reaching more than 25 to 30 percent.Pipsi Marathi Movie

The collection Day 1 for the film (Pepsi) was not more than 65 lakhs, while similar was the collection on Saturday while the Sunday the collection reached to around 1.10 crore, which was again a decent figure for the M Town film. As per reports, the first weekend box office collection reached to 2.40 crore. While the weekdays would have again have similar collection on an average of 50 lakhs in the state. Let’s see how things would move the two. Now, looking at the other film released in M Town called Pushpak Viman. The film had similar story to narrate when it comes to the ratings and the box office performance.Pushpak Viman

As per reports, the 1st day (Friday) collection was around 60 lakhs, while on Saturday the collection did see some amount of escalation reaching to 75 lakhs, while on Sunday, the collection reached to around 1.05 crore. So, the 1st weekend box office collection for Pushpak Viman reached to around 2.4 core, while the collection would remain the same in the coming days as well. Let’s see how things would move on the M Town, but there is  no hope that the films would embark upon with big numbers over the box office for obvious reasons as the audience have several options to consider. Stay tuned to know more about this film and others only with us.

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