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5 Bollywood films made on Friendship with unusual dialogues

With the year 2018 witnessing the Friendship day, it has similar things this year, with the young generation celebrating this day while the fringe groups are busy agitating it. So, the stories for the day was not different as seen in the past. Now, if you look at the B Town films, there are many that celebrates the spirit of this emotion and relationship. There are many songs in B Town that defines a friend better than anyone. If you talk about these B Town films, these have given a new meaning of Friendship. Now, time to catch the 5 Bollywood films made on Friendship with unusual stories and roles as under;
1). Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara

The film has an interesting dialogue that defines the friends with perfect wordings that says, “Sacche Dost Aasu Ke tarah hote hai jaha zarurat padi waha aa jaate hai. The real friends are like tears that come when they are required.
2). Bewafa

The film featuring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor had one good dialogues that says Aap Jaise Dost Mil jaye to Zindagi kabhi bewafa nahi ho sakti. This means that when one gets a friend like you then the fate can never be dishonored.
3). 3 Idiots
3 idiots image 3 diots
3 idiots image 3 diots

The film revolves around friendship and spirit of friendship and it has several instances that witnesses the three going out of the day do to things for each other. One interesting dialogue that comes in its way. It says, “dost fail ho jaye dukh lakta hai but top kare aur dukh lagta hai”. A friend when fails give a bad feeling while when the sadness goes up when he tops.

4). Heropanti 

Heropanti wallpapers

It says jo dost kamine nahi hote woh kabhi kamine dost nahi hote. This is self explained do you need any more clarification.
5). ABCD 2 
ABCD 2 collection
The film has the dialogue that says – Friendship encourage life and not death. That says Dosti Jeena Sikhati hai Marna nahi.
So, what do you think about these friendship dialogues, do let us know about the same. Comment to know which one is your favorite one.
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