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PeeKay (PK) – Love or Hate it?

PK love or hate it

PK (Peekay) the Aamir Khan Starrer film has created furore not just in domestic market but also made its mark globally. The movie is on the verge to cross 600 crores and make a new history in Blockbuster. However, amidst all its rein and dominance past few weeks, the film has been torn into debate of ridiculing Hindu mythology and the beliefs attached to it. Many right wing organisation went on street to agitate against the movie, more than 40 complaints across the country have been lodged into different police stations, PILs were filed in Delhi High Court, while even the doors of Supreme Court too was knocked. However, these pleas and complaints were turned out while the rouge groups were seen busy spewing venom against the filmmaker Hirani and actor Aamir Khan for the film. Let’s dig deep into the film, and see whether you should love or hate the film.

PK- What it is?

PK is nothing but a satire, which pokes pun and fun elements over the blind faith and superstitious beliefs and at the end poses rationalism to the audience for their faith in god and religion.  The film revolves around an unblinking alien called PK in the movie, which Aamir Khan has skilfully played giving one of his best performances in his three decade old career into films. This character in the film is simply unaware about the methods of earthlings; hence he is seen dumbfounded by the corrupt preachers and spiritual gurus who take shelter in religion to perpetuate their own business of god to make ends and luxury.

This simply reminds the character of Mork played by Robin Williams who unlike Aamir also visits a number of religious places including temple and churches till he is left with one old school boom box to cover his nude body. This movie also encompasses the other vital elements, which are present in any other big budget or blockbuster movie like dance, song, melodrama, romance, incredible plot twists and yes comedy. The rollicking satire at the end portays a subtle and tangible message unlike seen in any typical movie of Rajkumar Hirani whether Munna Bhai MBBS and its sequel or 3 Idiots.

Controversial sequences and agitations

There are couple of sequences and dialogues, which counter the superstitious believes in religion, god or god men. These include the scene of so call godman dressed like the Hindu god Shiva who is running from different nooks and corners to get a rescue from this man PK who is after him for his remote. The right wing organizations agitating it simply found it ridiculing their Hindu God who is running like a thief. The other statement, which invited wrath from the audience include Darr Gaye to Mandir Gaye (Only the man who fears visits temple). PK then shows how a rock with a particular paint can help people take resort in it by saying the more you fear the more you bow down to god. People agitating including the godman himself Baba Ramdev objected why only Hindu religion and believes were targeted why not other religions like Islam and Christianity were seen touched in a minimal way. He says the answer is obvious; the agitation from these communities would be stronger than the followers of Hinduism.

agitation against PK

Director’s Take

In the midst of these controversies, which made the movie turn big were two men – Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan. Though Aamir simply acted as the role demanded the director is the fellow who made the movie follow as per his designed script. Hence he owes an explanation more than director or producer. This is the reason, why Rajkumar Hirani despite being media shy and introvert spoke on this issue. He said he didn’t discriminate any religion or targets the other, but his regards and reverences for all religions remains the same.

Wrapping up

Amidst all controversies, the movie turned from hit to big hit, crossing 500 crores in just 10-12 days, which itself is a big challenge. However, the allegations, which PK was pitted by the right wing groups and fanatic organizations were hurling is not new in Bollywood. The fact is Bollywood movies have lampooned godmen before PK as well. If you remember the 2012 movie OMG (Oh My God) starring Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar, the former actor left no stone unturned to cut into bits and pieces the superstitious beliefs on god and godman. Hence if you join the dots the right way, you are certainly going to fall in love with the film, but if you fail to put things right, you are more likely to be carried away by the right wing groups compelling you to hate this film.

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