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Top 10 Hidden Facts about Bipasha Basu

bipasha-basu interesting facts

As the dusky beauty – Bipasha Basu is celebrating her 36th birthday today; she has given all her fans big reason to know more about herself. She has come a long way, right from working as a model since when she was 17 to entering into the bandwagon of Bollywood films. She is known to give some of the best movies to B Town. Her sensual presence in different movies has been noticed from the very first movie, which she did in opposite to Akshay Kumar in Ajnabee. Let’s unfold the top 10 hidden facts about Bips as under:

1). Childhood ugly look  

As a kid, Bips was known as a very much dark, chubby and short in her family. In fact, no one thought she can be beautiful someday. During her school days, she was known as Lady Goonda for her ugly looks and short height.

2). Accidental entry into Modelling

Bips has been always a good student and loved to study, however, her entry into modelling was accident and she still misses her studies. One fine day, she met a known model called Mehr Jessia Rampal at one of the hotels in Calcutta who encouraged her to join this career.

3). Immense Love for Brad Pitt

She has been often fascinated by Brad Pitt and went on an extent saying that her Mr. Right would be confident like Brad.

4). Her Regret in Life

She has been steady in her career of modelling and acting; however, she has just one regret, in her life of leaving her studies in the midst as she entered in the modelling world too early.

5). Her Favourite Destination

Her favourite destination in the world is the city of love and romance, yes you guessed it right, its Paris.

6). Top in nookyy women list

She has been included in the top 50 hot and alluring ladies of world not just once but twice. First time, she was on the 8th rank in 2011, while for the following year, she was ranked over 13th in the same list.

7). Favourite role

One of her favourite character she played in films was the high profile senior employee in Corporate. She replaced Aishwarya Rai to get this role and was able to portray the best performance for the same.

8). Ardent Fitness freak

Bipasha Basu is known for being the ardent fitness freak and loves to spread the word about health and fitness in her circle. She has been pioneer in a number of her fitness programs.

9). Truly Desi at Heart

At her heart, she is a true bong in heart. She is known to love Bengali food and cuisine especially teh poshto and let’s not forget the Biryani.

10). Favourite Author

Her favourite author is Robin Cook and John Grisham.

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