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One Night Stand Movie Review

One of the movies releasing this Friday is a thriller movie called One Night Stand, which is directed by Jasmine D’Souza and written by Bhavani Iyer. The film features Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virwani and Nyra Banerjee in the lead roles. The film is presented by Swiss Entertainment and is produced by Furquan Khan along with Pradeep Sharma. Interestingly, the principal photography was simply completed in mere 55 days with filming the movie at placed like Bombay, Pune and Bangkok. The erotic thriller revolves around the one night stand of a lady called Celina played by Sunny Leone and the man Urvil played by Tanuj Virwani and the aftermath of the same. Well, let’s dig into this film to get the crux of the movie as under:


The erotic film One Night Stand is a thriller story with the seductress sequences that one can expect from any Sunny Leone movie. Meet Urvil who is the head of Operations from a reputed event management company. He is a careerist and is given a task to woo a lady client to get the deal cracked. This lady is Sunny Leone who is smart and week and the man on his job impressing the lady clients gets attracted towards her, which further brings the two in her home to witness one of the most steamy night having loads of steam sequences in it. The next morning things become normal and he returns to his hometown to start his usual life. However, as days passes and Celina appears in front of happy couple Urvil and SImran. Then there stands a real game when she passes a comment making things roller coaster in the couple’s life. The night haunts him and brings him back to Celina who calls him a stalker till he decides to grab her to quench his thirst and the avenge for being called with the term. So, what happens next is interesting to explore.


Needless to say that a film with Sunny Leone at the center one can certainly expect glamor, soaring temperature sequences and many more, which have been the part and parcel of her film. Well, the story has little to do when Sunny Leone is there after all the real intention of the director is to go for a skin show, the story is simply created to accommodate her. Frankly, film titles like One Night Stand suits her the best especially when she lost her virginity at her early teens. With poor story and skin show in the scrip, the director tried to make a film, which will at least give some amount of moolah at the box office. However, the basic plot has given enough opportunities to the director to make a tangible film, but he failed over the screenplay. One may find the first half to be entertaining and engaging to some extent but post interval is simply boring and soon it becomes unbearable.

Performances & Technical Stuff 

Talking about the performance, everyone seemed to be average over the silver screen. Sunny Leone we know her expertise, which has nothing to do with the performance. She somehow has managed to impress with her skin to the audience who loves to catch her bare and with her favorite lingerie. Others like Tanuj Virwani and Nyra Banerjee also failed to impress, well they do not have skin to woo the audience unlike the way Sunny has. However, if you talk about the cinematography, Rakesh Singh has done a decent job portraying the best of the locations with alluring sunny on the silver screen. the background score by Sandeep Shirodkar along with the soundtrack by Jeet Gannguli, Tony Kakkar, Vivek Kar and Meet Bros seemed okay.

One Night Stand Last Word

One Night Stand is essentially an erotic thriller without any head or toe in it. It is a soulless movie, which only portrays the skin show on the silver screen. However, such films often survives to see a certain section of audience often wait to catch such films and Mastizaade and the Kya Super Cool Hai Hum 3 have gained some good amount of moolah. The film has nothing much to enjoy over the silver screen, which means it deserves a low rating.

Rating – 2.5

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